wordpress does not send notifications

Installed on wordpress, indicated in the settings that when new comments appear it should always send a notification about this to the admin mail - it does not send. Googled, read that this happens when the hosting does not create an address like wordpress @ domain_site, created - does not send. Googled, read about Configure SMTP that solves this problem, installed, drove in the settings of the box - does not send. In the same Configure SMTP, instead of the default smtp-address, i... Read more

Informing about the successful connection of a PPPoE client on FreeBSD?

There is a server on FreeBSD, going to the Internet via PPPoE. When connected, he is issued an honest IP address, but each time is different. I screwed the DynDNS client inadyn and everything seems to be normal, but for some reason once in ten inadyn does not work and the server remains unavailable until the next reconnection (or even reboot). Is it possible to send a PPPoE connection notification to the soap every time at the time of connection? Naturally, what would this alert contain the re... Read more

Inventory system with a notification of a change in hardware?

The OSNG + GLPI bundle is deployed in the network but there is not enough functionality to notify about changes. It is necessary to monitor changes in the iron part, how is it to literally implement? Read more

Notification when Outlook Web Access is minimized (for Exchange 2010)

How can I configure a notification in the new mail tray when Outlook Web Access is minimized (for Exchange 2010), if the browser is minimized, then only the sound notification works, so if the sound is muted, You will not know about the notification. Maybe someone had a similar need for this functionality? Any third-party software? Read more

Is there such an extension for chromium?

I'm certainly not a designer, and I just drew what I mean. tired of running around the stack of google services and looking for what has changed. Read more

Remove notice & quot; | About the new look | Send feedback & quot; in GMail

Can someone find a way to remove the annoying notification in the lower right corner, which appeared simultaneously with the introduction of the new interface and continues to appear periodically until now? Read more

Page change notification

Are there any services on the Internet that notify the user (via e-mail, jabber or otherwise) about the change of pages on the Internet that this user has chosen? It is web services, not individual programs. Read more

How to remove Google+ alerts?

Once I signed up on Google+ I added a few people in circles, I didn’t find anything interesting for myself and forgot. Someone like G +, someone does not - this is a matter of taste. He didn't bother me. Recently, I received a notification from the fact that some spammer added me to his circles and began! A bright red annoying message appeared in the form of a square with the number 1. I must say that such notifications had already come before, I looked through them and they disappeared. But... Read more

Redmine 2 + XMPP

Tell me the notification plugin for redmine 2. There was already a similar question here:, but there was no answer Read more

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