Why does call-transfer not work by pressing flash on the AP1100F?

Voice Gateway AddPac VoiceFinder AP1100F. Communicates with a SIP proxy provider. When you click on FLASH short beeps go right away. With D-Link, such problems do not arise (on the same line, with the same account). A piece of config responsible for call-transfer settings: dial-peer call-transfer h<br/> dial-peer call-hold n<br/> dial-peer call-pickup * Read more

Advise a piece of iron for redirecting a landline phone to a mobile phone via gsm sim card

There is a landline phone, I would like to have a “magic box” that forwarded all incoming calls via gsm sim card to another mobile phone. The ability to do the same with sip accounting is also desirable. Who knows if there is such a device in the world? Read more

Has anyone already used SkypeConnect (Skype for SIP)?

Actually, link (link each) Our company wants to post a Skype button on the website “call” so that skype users can get to our Call Center from all over the world for free, incl. from overseas travel, because in Russia we already have 8-800. On Habré even link exit services from the status of the beta version. The main point is precisely in the routing of incoming multi-channel Skype calls to the crowd of Call Center operators. Our PBX vendor comes in link under SkypeConnect (Avaya) an... Read more

SIP telephony from Euroset?

Good day to all! The opinion of those who use CIP telephony from Euroset is interesting. 1) Do I understand correctly that every SIP_ID is issued on this network? 2) Can I call this SIP_ID from CipBroker? 3) The most interesting question: on link there are access phones. Did I understand correctly that, for example, in St. Petersburg, by calling 448-01-01, then you can add SIP_ID and the call will go to the Europhone user I need? Or access phones, somewhere else listed? Thank you a... Read more

Connecting a home IP-phone to an office PBX

Available: 1) Split home without real IPv4; 2) IP-phone that can not Ipv6; 3) Office IP-PBX on Asterisk with a bunch of useful peers, but without an external IP; 4) Bonus - another dd-wrt router with external IP. 5) Admin rights on PBX, telephone, router. The task is to connect a telephone from home to an office PBX. The trivial solution is to put an asterix bit on the router, write it to the PBX with another peer, connect from the phone to the router. Alas, with the torrent runn... Read more

Linux: an alternative to Skype

In connection with the topic link, I once again had a question that I finally wanted to clarify. Is skype a real alternative? Required:  Contact list  One-on-one microphone-free communication  The possibility of audio conferencing at least 3-4 people  The possibility of video calls is also no problem.  Support for linux and preferably at a level not worse than skype (for example, forcing the ekiga to call something so that I can hear it, I did not succeed)  The possibility of ca... Read more

A few words about SIPRNet?

Publish an article here, because there is nowhere else.  - In the light of all the hype around Wikileaks, I decided to learn a little more about how and from where these documents were stolen. It is known that the USA invests astronomical sums in its information security, the more surprising is such a puncture. All documents posted on Wikileaks, addressed in a specially created for this purpose closed network called SIPRNet. To my surprise, on Habré, I found just one mention of it, and then i... Read more

We need a virtual Moscow number. SIP provider in Ukraine?

Greetings! Need direct Moscow virtual number. Used the services of a Russian provider, but because their server is far away from us, the connection was terrible. We are looking for something similar in Ukraine. It is desirable that it was of high quality and at a reasonable price. Thank. Read more

Anti-flood (DDoS) attacks on phone numbers?

I often see on Habré (and other resources too) questions how to counteract telephone DDoSy (attacks in which the victim’s phone number receives a significant number of calls from different numbers, which makes it impossible to use the telephone connection from the attacked number). I wanted to clarify with a respected community if the service to protect against such a phenomenon would be in demand, are you ready to use such a service, what price do you think it should be? Please also indic... Read more

Softphone for Mac OS X?

Greetings. Tell the smart softphone for Mac OS X to be able to use it for internal telephony on sip. Thank. Read more

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