Browser crashes

Hello, Harbovchane. Recently, my browser began to fail somewhat: some pages are not opened the first time (the service page “Cannot display the page” appears, it is treated with refreshing (sometimes it helps immediately, sometimes 1-8 times)), it does not always load all the pictures from the site. Twitter example: The problem is clearly not in the provider (since the Internet is stable, it works fine: it was checked on another computer), not in the browser (since I tried both chrome, ... Read more

A ready-made solution for a corporate social network

Interested in ready-made solutions that allow you to deploy on your own server a certain network for communication within a company (or, rather, a group of companies). The focus is on communication and exchange of experience. Everything should be simple, comfortable and pleasant to the eye. The search did not give acceptable results - in most cases there is no “box”. Required functionality: Knowledge Base (articles or wikis) with the possibility of discussion Collective blog Questionnaire... Read more

Advise sensible blogs, magazines and any periodicals on the topic CISCO

In Russian, in general, I was already desperate to find anything, so I will be glad and English. What do you read, habrovchane? Read more

Share a network printer, which method is preferable?

There are two options to register it locally on a computer, that is, create a port of type IP_192.168.1.101, and install drivers on the user's computer, or share it using a variant of the type wshNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection & quot; \\ PrintServer \ HrLaser & quot;. Initial environment: win2008-domain, group policies, print server in the cluster. Read more

Where to promote web projects for a global audience?

Interested in resources, where there is something like a blog "I am promoting" on Habré, only in English, with a global audience, or some popular author blogs. And you need such that loyal to small projects, because giants like TechCrunch or Mashable will not write about smaller and still unknown projects. P.S. If there is some positive PR experience, I’ll definitely tell you about it in Habré. Read more

Writers and the Internet

What do you know writers who publish their works directly on the Internet, excluding the item "publishing"? We are talking about both the "swinging" writers who came to the Internet (for example, John Konrat), and the representatives of indie literature (Amanda Hawking or Slava Se). Read more

What do you need in order to pay the site users money? Legally,

Well, there is one project, for example, where users are paid by the ICP because they behave actively on the site, the cost of one monthly rating point calculated per month is calculated using a simple formula and paid on the WMR purse. I am interested in the legal aspect ... whose rights are not violated in this case? Read more

Choosing a web service for blogging

Help with choices. The web service first of all must meet the following conditions: free, flexible customization. I want to see your options to choose the right one. p.s. while thinking about blogspot Read more

Move to distribute literature

Advise to move a site to distribute an archive of IT literature. The tracker is not an option (attendance will not be large, but a bot-sid will be done for a long time). Or maybe it's easier, as always, to color mod_autoindex? Read more

Recommend a laptop service center

There is a Dell Latitude XT laptop. Recently, the image on his screen is always painted in pink shades and colors are somewhat embossed. It seems that he was a pill and was regularly used as a pill, one of the plumes channels died. If it is deployed in some way and keep it up, then the shoals with the image disappear. We need a service center in Moscow, which accurately diagnoses it (i.e., if there is a problem with the train, it will not push in the replacement of the matrix) and promptly fix... Read more

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