Idea needed for online browser game

Hi. An idea is needed to create an online economic browser-based game, where it is necessary to build the infrastructure of the city, to work and relax (do you have to spend money somewhere? :)) It is planned to use google maps in the game, where the players' objects will be displayed. /> p.s. I am a developer and I would like to do just for fun, the publication of the game is planned in social networks. thank. Read more

What is the Android API to use to get data about available base stations?

Here Google Maps determines the position, even when the GPS is turned off. Obviously, somehow on base stations. Can it get the current stations available and place the phone at their intersection? But how to do it in my program on Android. For example, if you need to get a list of stations, which API should you use? What can be obtained from them (number, name)? Thank! Read more

Why does Google Earth have inbound connections from the Web?

Today I saw this notification: Before it did not happen, as far as I remember. So what the hell ?! Why does the photoglobe become a server - does it accept any commands from the States now? (The version of Google Earth is, build on September 1 of this year.) Read more

Discrepancy of the position of objects on Yandex.Maps and Google Maps with the same coordinates?

I have coordinates in latitude, longitude format (in decimal form) for a set of objects. Initially, they were obtained through the Google Maps geocoder. When displaying these objects on Yandex.Maps, the labels are shifted compared to the map compared to the output on Google Maps: for example, if GM had a mark on the center of the house, then in Ya.Maps it was 10-15 pks lower and to the left. Is there any algorithm for recalculating the coordinates so that they point to the right place on t... Read more

Google (Yandex) Maps API not for web (Qt)

We have: Qt 4.7 on the client. It is necessary: ​​to display the map and put labels on it. With standard features such as dragging, approaching the card itself. Perhaps a reaction to click on the tag. upd: Found one article: link I would like more. Read more

The imposition of high-resolution photos on Yandex cards or Google Maps - is it possible?

Actually, is it possible to superimpose high-resolution photos on Yandex cards or Google maps? Those. maximum approximation from the original source, and then the overlay and scaling of the outer photo layer with a higher resolution should occur. The fact is that the client sells such pictures and wants such a “feature” on his websites, and I don’t want to go into api Yandex.kart if this is not possible. Read more

How to convert .3ds to .kmz?

From .kmz to .3ds - the software is full. Is it possible in the opposite direction? Read more

Javascript: context of function execution

I am looping to hang GoogleWorkers on display markers of Google maps InfoWindow   375915423 As a result, when you click on a marker, it is always shown for the last point. Those. it seems that the function is not created in its context (as I used to in Java), but the last value of the point from the cycle is used. How does it work in javascript? What should I do so that the listener for each marker shows the InfoWindow in the right place? Thanks Read more

Google directions to cache route response object

Faced with the task of displaying the path of the key markers on the Google map. Google Maps API v3 provides convenient tools for this, and at the moment the limit of 8 + 2 markers on the way suits me perfectly. But the problem is the second limitation, 2500 calculations of the path for free use on the site per day. The point is that you only want to calculate the path in the admin panel, and when displaying the card, the user doesn’t pull Google servers once again but substitute the deseriali... Read more

Analogue Panoraor - problem with the map

The task is to display your photo layer on the map, which changes when the map is enlarged or reduced, very similar to what panaramio does. The option to use markers through api disappears by itself. It is already clear that on the server side you need to generate 256 tiles by 256 pixels with thumbnails of photos. From link it became clear how to apply these tiles. But there is a main problem - how to handle mouse events when interacting with superimposed photos. I would be grateful ... Read more

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