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Idea needed for online browser game

Hi. An idea is needed to create an online economic browser-based game, where it is necessary to build the infrastructure of the city, to work and relax (do you have to spend money somewhere? :)) It is planned to use google maps in the game, where the players' objects will be displayed. /> p.s. I am a developer and I would like to do just for fun, the publication of the game is planned in social networks. thank. Read more

Library, ready C ++ class for text output via OpenGL

Can anyone meet in the open spaces of the network a ready solution for text output using OpenGL? I am writing in C ++ screensaver under Gnome, I need to display the text. Read more

Advise a 3D engine for a virtual tour of the building

Hi! There is a task: to make a virtual 3D tour of the building (which is still in the project). Something like a mini game in which you can only walk and see the beauty of what is happening. Desirable, but not mandatory cross-platform, including the ability to create a light version for mobile devices on Android / iOS. Please advise the engine on which this can be done relatively inexpensively and quickly. I would also be grateful for any information on this topic. Maybe there are deve... Read more

How to start learning OpenGL?

I wanted to know OpenGL, but everything turned out to be not as simple as I wanted)) Who can prompts the good literature (sites) for beginners studying OpenGL? Read more

OpenGL. Several cameras

Hi, Habopipl! There was a question: Is it possible to create more than one camera ... gluLookAt(...); by displaying an image from them in different viewing areas ... glViewport(...); using your projection ...  glFrustum(...);? I would appreciate an answer or an example link. Read more

What to choose to create a mobile game - Cocos2d-x or Marmalade SDK?

Task: development of a mobile game at least for iOS and Android, in C ++, preferably with the ability to build the final version directly under Windows. 3D support is optional. Two current challengers: Cocos2d-x and Marmalade SDK. Please advise if you understand the topic, maybe there are some other smart engines that I missed? Thank you in advance. Read more

How to work with twitter in C ++?

What is the best way to work with twitter in C ++? We need only the functionality of adding a tweet with OAuth authorization, so as not to force the user to enter a password in his application. Read more

Do I need an article about the game-dev of my school days?

As a schoolboy, I programmed toys in C ++ Builder, drew graphics in 3D Studio MAX, voiced replicas in Sound Forge, picked out sprites with a print screen and MS Paint, and generally worked strangely. It was more than ten years ago. I didn’t finish a single game, but it’s quite possible to play them, and in general it’s not embarrassing to show. On my conscience: side-scroller, RTS1, RTS2, platform arcade. StarCraft was a major source of inspiration. Of course, the epic govnokod, 15 years a... Read more

I want to try myself in GameDev, where to go?

Tell me some Open Source Project in which the development of the game. It would be cool if it was based on Perl. Well, I can figure it out in Java / C [++ | #]. Read more

Stencil Buffer not working?

I understand a little about programming graphics, so please explain what I am doing wrong. I write in Java in OpenGL via LWJGL. The problem is that Stencil Buffer simply does not work. There is a large and long program in which you need in one place a part of the graphics that will be drawn, hidden. Having suffered with this buffer, I realized that something was wrong. A piece of code: GL11.glEnable(GL11.GL_STENCIL_TEST); GL11.glStencilFunc(GL11.GL_NEVER, 0, 0); // Рисуем объекты GL11.glD... Read more

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