Qt and Symbian S60

Actually, good documentation, books, and just havushki on sabzh are interested. First of all, everything related to working with sound. I would be very grateful to everyone for their help;) Read more

Example of a Qt program using QStackedWidget?

I just study qt and decided to write a program, the window of which is redrawn after pressing the button, such as when installing the program, but I also need some sort of cyclical transition and as I understand it this class suits me only . Read more

Where to find a side job with good Qt / C ++ knowledge?

On freelance sites for the most part offer to do projects related to the WEB in which somehow does not particularly pull, at the same time, brains and some free time during the periods between studies there. So I would like to earn something with regard to their specialization ... Some of the latest works can be looked at least here: code.google.com/p/vimka Read more

Need a cross-platform library to work with SRV DNS records?

There is jdns on hand, but it does not compile on Symbian, you need to solve this problem and find a working library on either pure pluses or C or Qt so that it works everywhere. The smaller the library the better. Read more

Required cmake'a gurus - need to add support for Symbian?

I want to finally make support for Symbian, the problem is that all existing patches that add support for Symbian do not suit us: the Carbide generator does not understand anything in Qt, and the Makefile generator was written by some Indians and also does not know how openC, and even worse: it does not know how to collect. www.vtk.org/Bug/view.php?id=8486 In short, we want to write a Makefile generator that would be able to create makefiles capable of collecting both exe files, and dynamic a... Read more

Rounded edges in QML?

Hello! How to make a window in qml with rounded edges? Under them should be visible the contents of the underlying windows. Read more

Beginner Developer (s). To write?

There is a desire in the framework of self-education and gaining development experience, to write something more or less serious and useful. Do not throw ideas? Expected development tools: C ++ + Qt. But acquaintance with new interesting means is welcome. Read more

C ++ OOP and redefinition of the function

There is a class Test, which should store various parameters of a certain test and a function to perform this certain test (the Start () function). Moreover, the Start function should not be stored directly in this class, it should be redefined, that is, for each instance of the class, the test should be its own. At the moment it looks like this: class & nbsp; Test & nbsp;: & nbsp; public & nbsp; QObject { & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Q_OBJECT & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Q_PRO... Read more

How to make PyQt work with Russian domains?

Faced a problem when working with QUrl on python. In general terms, we have the following test code: from PyQt4.QtCore import QUrl<br/> <br/> print QUrl('http://xn--d1abbgf6aiiy.xn--p1ai/').toString()<br/> Under windows it returns the expected result: <a href="http://xn--d1abbgf6aiiy.xn--p1ai/">xn--d1abbgf6aiiy.xn--p1ai/</a> And under FreeBSD like this: <a href="http://xn--d1abbgf6aiiy.xn--d1abbgf6aiiyxn--p1ai/">xn--d1abbgf6aiiy.xn--d1abbgf6aiiyxn--p... Read more

QT installation for Python?

In my link unfortunately there was no answer neither here nor on stackoverflow. Therefore, I thought about how to make sure that the server is the latest version of QT. If I understand correctly, PyQt is just a set of bindings, and the libraries themselves are not there - only interfaces. In this connection, the question is - how to install QT correctly and from where, what would all be of the latest versions? For windows, I just downloaded the link binaries. Actually, I do not even know how to ... Read more

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