Windows 7 and DHCP

For a long time I can not understand the reason for the problem with DHCP in the seven. I have an Asus wl500gp router and it always (!!) gives the computer an ip-address of, not 1.5 or 1.10, namely 1.253 Today they brought me the DIR-320 and I cannot configure it, problems with DHCP, when I automatically get the address, we again get the ill-fated and after 30 seconds the address changes to something like Help defeat the problem. Read more

Mystic with D-Link DES-1008D

There was a need to connect several devices to one power outlet and as the simplest solution this “technology miracle” was purchased. Immediately, completely inexplicable phenomena began. In the main roles: a computer that obtains an IP address via DHCP, an IP camera with a fixed IP address and a cable that connects the switch itself to a wall outlet. At the other end of the socket is the Cisco 2960. If both the PC and the camera are on the switch at the same time, the PC cannot get the networ... Read more

Preventing the capture of someone else's ip (DHCP and Ubuntu Server)

The question is simple, but unfortunately I am not a Linuxsoid. After rebooting, the server has enough foreign ip-address ( If you write:  sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart then everything falls into place: the server takes a free ip in / etc / network / interfaces only this:  # The loopback network interface auto lo iface lo inet loopback # The primary network interface auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp Where to add that the server immediately took a free... Read more

How to force Apache to listen to a certain interface during DHCP?

There is a machine with an Apache for win7. If in httpd.conf you specify Listen *:80, then Apache listens to port 80 on all interfaces that it finds. If you specify a specific ip address, Listen 209.85.349.147:80, then it listens only to the desired interface, leaving the rest free (and I need it from time to time). The problem is that this IP is issued via DHCP, and rewriting httpd.conf every time is somehow not comme il faut. Listen is not an option, because sometimes you ... Read more

How in mpd5 to use an external dhcp-server to issue addresses?

Colleagues, is it possible to make friends with mpd5 and external dhcp-server? Or maybe there is some other way to distribute routes to connecting pptp clients? On Cisco or RRAS, everything works, and mpd5 doesn't seem to be able to do that at all. Read more

DHCP on windows 7

Made an access point from a Wi-Fi adapter, everything works with statics. But you understand, it’s not cool to drive IPs, you need DHCP sevrer under windows 7. Googling showed Tiny DHCP sevrer, but alas, despite the simple setup, ip for some reason are not issued. Need advice, how to do DHCP? Read more

Setting up DHCP through the Debian console

The essence of this is - I bought a router, 2 computers are connected through a whiteboard - with XP and Debian (netistall), respectively. The router has been configured, it distributes the settings via DHCP, on the XP it has configured the Internet, but Debian cannot be configured. No X, only the console. Connection, as I wrote, through DHCP. All I could do was to break the & quot; / etc / network / interfaces & quot; file :( Please explain, or indicate where to ask about it. Thank. Read more

Problem with a DHCP server in Active Directory

We have an organization consisting of several branches located in nearby cities, whose local networks are connected to a common corporate network via a local provider WAN. Since the connection between the branches is reliable enough, the head of the IT department and network administrator decided (and not to convince them here) to install the AD controllers only in the central offices, and leave the local networks of sites (branches) without those, while the workstations on the sites are authori... Read more

Miscellaneous DHCP options

How can I differentiate between DHCP areas on a network so that: Most of the addresses reserved in them were given parameters, for example, “no gateway was specified”; To some, the gateway was asked; The rest were issued IP from the range of rental addresses and for them the gateway was also set. Also, all computers must see each other. Read more

How to show students the work of HTTP, DHСP, DNS server?

There is a class with 12 computers. There are no admin rights. Worth Ubuntu. Put there VirtualBox. I myself am a student, asked to show how I managed to install apache2 and dnsmasq at home. Computers are weak. There is an option to put debian on 2 VMs and link them to the network. What else is possible? Students generally know almost nothing. Read more

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