DNS configuration in Plesk?

Hoster uses Plesk to manage hosting. I would like to use Google Apps on the site, but I can’t register the DNS in the DNS splash editor. Everything is written as described in the settings of Google. More than a week has passed. But when opening the registered subdomains, a message pops out saying that this domain does not exist. What could be the problem? In the crooked hands of me or the hoster? Or is this a splash limitation that does not allow DNS to work with external resources? Read more

Problems with configuring DNS (bind)?

For the first time manually steer DNS'kimi, and immediately had a problem. Even friends who have done this often say strange problems. We have: Debian Stable on VDS (firstvds, unfortunately) and bind (8.4.7). It runs a pair of PHP-sites, the customer's server (but you can do anything). And we have our own cool server with Debian Squeeze, which has a Python site (just the smallest VDS, he did not master the python from memory). The main domain is linked to the VDS server IP, let's call it doma... Read more

Need a cross-platform library to work with SRV DNS records?

There is jdns on hand, but it does not compile on Symbian, you need to solve this problem and find a working library on either pure pluses or C or Qt so that it works everywhere. The smaller the library the better. Read more

whois for .dj

Does anyone have in mind a working subj? I want to display at least the registrar, the owner and the expire. Something just can not find anything suitable. nic.dj - please do not offer, do not charge in any. Read more

Firefox \ Chromium: automatic substitution of the domain name in the request?

Our corporate squid cuts all requests to * .vkontakte.ru *, but does not cut * vk.com *. Accordingly, VK music apps run on vk.com, but when trying to play a song, they climb on cs * .vkontakte.ru / * and cut. Is there an extension for Firefox \ Chromium that could automatically redirect requests from * .vkontakte.ru * to * vk.com *? Read more

DNSv6 - implementation experience?

tasked with raising and testing DNS for IPv6 Who has any experience on this issue, real examples, a rake? BGP and L2 transit to ISP will be raised for providing free IPv6 traffic. Interested for * BSD (Linux / Solaris) Read more

Prompt a free service with a history of DNS

You need to see when and what the NS records of the domain in the .net zone changed. I found a couple of services with Google, but there is no necessary domain there. Read more

How to open a site raised on a local server (in Denver) from a virtual machine if there are several of them?

If only one site is raised on a host, then you can get to it from under a virtual machine by IP address. On the host, this is solved by referring to the domain name of the site, for example, for the main localhost, the second site1, the third site2, etc. And how to open domains site1 and site2 from a virtual machine? Read more

domain registration

It was necessary to register a domain (. RF) during the registration process nic.ru issued that the domain is already registered ... whois shows the following   state: REGISTERED, NOT DELEGATED, UNVERIFIED org: Joint Stock Company "RNIC" phone: +7 495 7370601 phone: +7 495 9944601 e-mail: [email protected] registrar: ELVIS-REG-RF created: 2010.11.11 paid-till: 2011.11.11 source: TCI actually the question ... who to contact now? to nic.ru or elvis telecom? Read more

DNS server for a local network?

How can you organize DNS for the internal network of the enterprise (all machines are Windows, without ActiveDirecotry, without DHCP, etc.). There is a gateway for Internet on UserGate. There is an internal intranet resource hosted on one of the machines. Suppose his name is “intranet.mycomp”. It is required that all users on the network can go to this address without manipulating the "hosts" file. Read more

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