Software for automatic comparison of PostgreSQL schemas?

Tell me a tool for automatic comparison of PostgreSQL schemas on different databases. For MySQL used SQLyog. Now we are writing the migrations manually, and it is generally hard to overtake the different data in the dictionaries. Who what uses or how gets out? UPD: We ourselves use: a) for comparing schemes - apgdiff b) for comparing data - LEFT JOIN%) Read more

Index across the integer field in PostgreSQL

What is Very good For a large PostgreSQL table, create an integer + btree index field for this field. Most of the values ​​in the field are default. What you need Select rows with sorting by this field. Questions What default value will work faster NULL or 0? Same thing for character (n), NULL or ''?   Read more

MySQL vs PostgreSQL?

Briefly about the project:  - sampling by a large number of conditions  - many inserts  - high loads  - no margin for error MySQL or PostgreSQL? Complete solution? Other options? NoSQL? Read more

What database administration software do you use?

Let me explain the main question from the title: interested in desktop applications for working with PostgreSQL and / or MySQL databases, preferably of course cross-platform or under Linux. Maybe someone is familiar with such programs as Aqua Data Studio, Navicat Premium or DbVisualizer? What can you say about them? Thank! Read more

One-way synchronization 1C = & gt; PostgreSQL

It became necessary to synchronize in real time part of the base 1C with the remote base on PostgreSQL. I didn’t google any more or less simple solution, maybe someone has already done it? Read more

Articles (manuals) on the distribution of load

Guys. Help please find good articles on configuring the load distribution of web servers (apache, mysql, postgresql, nginx) for linux. Ie, there are a number of servers and it is planned to launch the lamp on them and distribute the load between them Read more

Moving PostgreSQL databases after upgrading from 8.3 to 8.4

I updated Debian here and upgraded PostgreSQL from version 8.3 to version 8.4. Matter of course 8.4 is too cool to use the bases of 8.3 and put it clean. I did not think about pgdump then. And now it's too late. Downgrade to 8.3 I do not want. There are more sane decisions? upd: I checked backups. They are not. They forgot about the base for 3 weeks, and the backup script deletes everything older than 10 days. Read more

Looking for a field with a URL in PostgreSQL?

There is a table with data on several sites. Information about ... user (s) per day is written to it daily. Now in the table more than 2 million. Records. Periodically I build reports in one of them. A field is involved in which the url of the page is written on which this or that action occurred. The structure of table A: ...<br/> host_id smallint NOT NULL,<br/> url character varying(4096) NOT NULL,<br/> ...<br/> бла бла<br/> ...<br/> date_index timest... Read more

Conversion of PostgreSQL dump to MSSQL 2008?

I downloaded the Musicbrainz database dump and want to import it into MSSQL 2008, which I picked up on a local machine. Is it possible How to do? I did not find anything on the Internet, except for paid converters, which, as I understood, need an installed PostgreSQL server. Read more

PHP interaction with 1C (PosgreSQL)

The task is to develop a WEB face for some part of the 1C (8.1) database in PHP. Who faced such a problem? How can this not be organized through direct interaction with PosgreSQL? Or is it better to work directly with the database? I ask, because with 1C never worked :) The time of diplomas ... Read more

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