Software for automatic comparison of PostgreSQL schemas?

Tell me a tool for automatic comparison of PostgreSQL schemas on different databases. For MySQL used SQLyog. Now we are writing the migrations manually, and it is generally hard to overtake the different data in the dictionaries. Who what uses or how gets out? UPD: We ourselves use: a) for comparing schemes - apgdiff b) for comparing data - LEFT JOIN%) Read more

Bsdiff: is there something better?

Faced with the need to consider the diffs from binaries, Nugglu that they are now using de facto bsdiff. Poyuzal - yes, he is good. But I would like to know about analogues and competitors. I read about Courgette, but found no implementations, did anyone try to compile it from the Chromium source? I also found exediff, but did not understand how to use the patch with it. Read more

Transfer of changes from the debug to the combat in Typo3

Lord, did anyone eat Typo3? How to organize new features affecting new / old modules, changing templates, themes, several pages so that the collected can be automatically poured onto the combat, and in the case of a sudden Achtung also automatically roll back? Is there such a thing for him - or only manually? Read more

Find the differences between 2 base dumps (under 1 GB)?

There are two almost identical dumps under 1GB (postgresql) Need to find out what data has been changed. “diff: memory exhausted” error for diff How to calculate the differences ??? Read more

Git + Svn, patch for svn from git?

Tell me, the situation is this: Folder project Folder on the local machine. It contains the svn checkout from the read-only svn repository. from it update in Folder becomes, then changes are made, commit & amp; push into remote git repository. TortoiseSVN & amp; TortoiseGit. Question - how to make a patch for gv from git Read more

Gulf of modified files on FTP in PhpStrom 3.0

Who does what? Now I am doing through “sync with local”, but there are a couple of flaws: 1) Long compares, especially when a cloud of files. 2) If the files are not equal (i.e. there was a change), then each file must be corrected for the action. Maybe there is a way to ask everyone at once, but I did not find it. Example below on the screen. Who worked in Coda for Mac, he remembers how well it was done. After editing the file, the “load” button appeared to the right of it, and a... Read more

Data compression algorithms using an external dictionary and their implementation

Almost all existing lossless data compression algorithms (meaning binary data compression) work on the principle - data analysis with a set of certain information (block frequency tables, recoding dictionaries, ..), afterwards, these data are placed blockwise in the archive (situations with their dynamic change are possible). But if instead of storing this dictionary in the archive itself, it could be stored separately (and transmitted separately over the network, regardless of the main data... Read more

How to make a comparison of texts in PHP or JS?

Good day, it is required to implement the following: Read more

Two-pane display of the output "cvs diff" in vim?

Good day. I wanted to somehow elevate the output of the command “cvs diff”. This command diffs all project files in unified diff format (example link and link). The question arose whether this sheet could be fed to vim in such a way that he would break it into two panels for me? Those. as a standard vimdiff of two files. The problem is compounded by the fact that I have an ancient vim 6.3.71, no less an ancient system based on RedHat 6 in a rather reduced form. Those. all sorts of great ... Read more

Origin diff file

Dear collective intelligence. I ask for help as a more experienced one. As they say, one head is good, but much better. There is a diff file from the binary file. With the help of what he was doing is unknown. The structure is undermining, which is associated with java.  link. Maybe someone can identify the structure. Accordingly, I want to know with what it can be applied. Read more

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