Which book is better to take to study C #?

I decided to seriously study C #. Maybe someone will advise a good book, which he himself once used to study ... Thank. Read more

Implementation of data transport over the network in C #

What would you recommend to use from existing or to develop your own technology. Need to create a data transport in the local network and via the Internet? It is advisable to use add-ons over HTTP to painlessly overcome possible barriers. I will also be grateful if you tell me how not to use Base64 in transmission, so as not to increase the traffic consumption. Read more

Code coverage tool for C / C ++?

I would like to be able to instrument the code collected using any collector (make / cmake / qmake / waf) and check the coverage with tests written using code-independent tools. Read more

CSV in C #

Does C # have any built-in tools for working with CSV: import, export? I would not want to reinvent the wheel if it already exists. Read more

HTTP request C # .NET?

I use HTTP request to get the site pages. Something like this: ... HttpWebRequest request = WebRequest.Create (Url) as HttpWebRequest; ... HttpWebResponse response = request.GetResponse () as HttpWebResponse; ... Sometimes everything works like a clock, but sometimes it happens that a page with a size of several KB is not loaded ... it just hangs, and in the end everything falls down by timeout. Attention! Question: Why when I turn on the transparent proxy on localhost all lag... Read more

Reading a file in C / C ++ / C # without rights to it, how to do?

I want to read the file for which the current user does not have rights. I do for example: FileStream fs = File.Open (fileName, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read); Writes access denied. How to get around without reassigning rights? I need an answer to C / C ++ or C #, preferably on Sharpe. Read more

IntelliSense for C projects in VS2010?

Recently it was necessary to write a small console application in C. I was completely struck by the complete absence of IntelliSense, i. generally complete. No hints with function arguments, no hints with members of structures, nothing. Is this how it should be? IntelliSense is enabled in the settings. Update: If it shouldn't be like this, tell me what could be the problem? Read more

block page at the time of the request?

I read this topic www.sql.ru/forum/actualthread.aspx?tid=592095 but it did not work out a bit, maybe I missed it. But I found the perfect option, but only there the code was written not in C # but on VB www.cyberguru.ru/dotnet/asp-net/locking-screen-pos... Can anyone help figure out and convert this C # code? Read more

Learning a language for mobile development with a further perspective?

Hello, I have long wanted to do mobile development, I really want to. Even MBP bought. But I want to choose not Objective-C (I don’t want to be attached to one company), but C ++ (or C (I never climbed into this sphere, the choice is difficult)) to develop as natively as, say, obj-c for apple deyvaysov, but that it spread to the android (and maybe on WinPhone7). That is, choose one universal language. I thought about Java, but Java, as we know, will not drive for apples. :) For this, while ... Read more

c # GzipStream to unpack the stream only if it is really packed

In general, the question is not obvious at first glance. What we have: There is an input stream. We know that it is probably packed with gzip. And maybe not. What is required: You must read this stream, unpacking it if necessary. If you simply wrap it in GzipStream, it will crash with the error "The magic number in GZip header is not correct". What is the catch: You can not just subtract the flow in byte [], and then play with this array, as there are strict limitatio... Read more

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