Which book is better to take to study C #?

I decided to seriously study C #. Maybe someone will advise a good book, which he himself once used to study ... Thank. Read more

Advise an explanatory book on Java EE 6

Hello. Please advise the explanatory book on Java Enterprise Edition 6. Java programming is familiar. English language options are also welcome. Thank you in advance. Read more

What books should I read to learn how to design for iPhone / iPad?

I have already read Become an Xcoder, am finishing Programming in objective-c 2.0. What would be most logical to read the following, maybe someone has even a list of books? Read more

From which book to start learning Java?

Please advise a book for a beginner. Read more

Books and materials on InDesign

Advise a book / books or materials on the web on Adobe InDesign (ideally, of course, in Russian), preferably in terms of prototyping and drawing site layouts? Or any information to move from Photoshop to InDesign when developing site layouts. Read more

Advise books on the basics of UI

Lord, advise the literature on the basic concepts of creating user interfaces. It is possible both in Russian and in English. Read more

Advise a book on Rails 3 in Russian or English

I would like to have something like “Flexible development of web applications in Rails” (with an example of an application that is written in the course of the story), but for the third rail. In general, it will be good if there will be about RSpec. Read more

Advise books for studying reverse engineering and writing drivers for USB devices

Books for beginners are desirable and if possible in Russian. Read more

Books on electronics

Hello! I need to approach the intuitive concept of everything, ranging from physical electronics to AVR microcontrollers. What books can you advise? If several, in what order to read? It is very desirable that there is less water, everything is brief and to the point, something like lecture notes. Read more

What is the list of basic books in mathematics?

I didn’t teach math well at school (maybe I taught well, but I don’t remember anything). In this case, mathematics is now very necessary. I enjoy programming, but I constantly encounter “school” problems: lack of knowledge of fundamental mathematical algorithms, geometry, all sorts of logarithms, etc. What books can you advise to eliminate such a gap? It is important to note that I am a working person, and the amount of time for reading is limited (that is, any complete history of mathematics in... Read more

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