Which book is better to take to study C #?

I decided to seriously study C #. Maybe someone will advise a good book, which he himself once used to study ... Thank. Read more

Advise an explanatory book on Java EE 6

Hello. Please advise the explanatory book on Java Enterprise Edition 6. Java programming is familiar. English language options are also welcome. Thank you in advance. Read more

Are there any good and complete guidelines for the development of applications for Android in Russian?

If it’s too little or not, but the English that are much superior in quality are known, it would be good to learn about them. The material should devote the person to all relevant aspects of the platform, such as controlling the G-sensor, camera, external and internal API. Highly desirable code examples and implementation tasks. Paper editions are also possible. Read more

How to learn to use Vim?

Hello everyone! There is a desire to master Vim. Please throw in the directories, articles on initial setup and use. Resources that may be interesting. Or any information that will reduce the amount of torment at the initial stage of familiarization. For example, how not to spit and not to blow it to hell after 20 minutes? Thank! Read more

How to learn PHP / mySQL?

I myself am learning PHP / Mysql programming, and I want to ask the habrasociety community for advice. Here is a list of references that I use for individual study: link link link link link The question is: Did I choose the right books? Sometimes I read a book and it seems that the author wrote to sell the book and make a profit. Of course, an experienced programmer understands everything that is written in the book, but where exactly is the book in which clearly explains a partic... Read more

Platform for articles

Hello! Please tell me which service to use for the following task: There is a group of students who will post their notes, articles on some service (a la habr). At the same time, access to the blog, the ability to read, edit is configured (only authors can edit, or “allowed” users, if there are several authors). Below as usual comments on the article. Lecture materials, assignments and training materials will also be posted here. I was thinking about LJ. But I think there are more conv... Read more

What open source projects to join?

I have been writing perl for a long time and successfully, not so long ago at a regular job I began to write on lua. There is a great desire to learn python, ruby ​​and erlang. But sitting down and sadly re-reading the manual is not the fastest and most productive way of learning, at least for me. I would like to find some open source projects with a) ranked tasks and b) some kind of supervising. Roughly speaking, go to the site of some junga, take a list of open tickets, sort by the “i... Read more

How is LMS (Moodle, & quot; learning system & quot;) used at your university / institute?

People-students, tell me how you use LMS in your studies (Moodle, for example) :?  - Which university / faculty?  - Which engine do you use?  - Works within the department / faculty or the whole university?  - What is laid out?  - Do you use testing and other features of dist. education or just as a collection of cmd and files on topics?  - Is it used by students?  - Is it used by teachers (at least specialized ones)?  - Is there any support “from above” (i.e., the dean's offic... Read more

What are some ways to explore Google Apps and various APIs in depth?

Interested in blogs, books, seminars, conferences. Most of what I found on the web are presentations of the most basic level or a copy-paste of official news. There is a good book "link", but also relative to the base level. Have a google help. There is a blog In November there will be Google Developer Day. I would like high-quality information about various services and APIs, their interaction, areas of application, best of all in the form of full-time study with... Read more

List of universities and schools in the world, the database, where to get?

Hi. The question is - on social. networks, like classmates and VKontakte, before registering users, as I understand it, there was already a list of universities and schools in the world so that users did not enter (often in different ways), but simply chose from the list. And where to get such a list? Can anyone have, al freely available database such is? Googled-googled - not googled. Thank. Read more

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