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What is the best way to ensure acceptance of payments with PayPal \ credit cards?

1. What is the best service to use to ensure acceptance of payments for souvenir goods? The average check is planned for about 10 USD (if it matters to answer the question). There is no account in a foreign bank. The ideal option is considered a service that takes money from paypal, credit cards and returns webmoney / Ya.Money instead. 2. Do I have to use PayPal? Does it often happen that users choose not to contact the store if there is no PayPal admission? The store is focused on the Eng... Read more

CMS for a store with a specific functionality

Good afternoon. We need a CMS for the store, however heaped up, but with one and only one necessary feature. There is a product consisting of individual whole goods (set). For example, a ring and earrings. It is presented on the showcase as one product unit, but when entering the product page, each component is shown as a separate product with its own options and bells and whistles, and added to the basket it is added as two separate products. For example, in the ring I indicate a pebble -... Read more

Tell me a good online bookstore for Ukraine

Interested in computer literature. Books are printed, not in electronic form. Read more

On which CMS can I raise an online store with an affiliate program?

The situation is as follows: I rested my head on the ceiling and I can’t increase sales of the online store by any available means. Increasing the advertising budget is simply impractical, since the costs of it are already very high. There was an idea to make an affiliate program, in connection with which I am looking for a box solution in the form of cms which has the function of organizing an affiliate network, with the possibility of automatic registration of a partner, an automatic remun... Read more

advise delivery service for an online store in Moscow

Be sure to: good customer attitude custody service normal private office cash service It is desirable to be able to find out the rest of the goods in the warehouse (ideally in a personal account) We are already using one of the services, but there are a lot of complaints. Maybe there is already a worthy player in this market? UPD. I repent. I completely forgot - we are talking about Moscow (although the ability to deliver millions of other people to St. Petersburg will also... Read more

How to start creating an online store?

Actually, an online store is needed as an addition to an already existing retail outlet. Questions to the community: 1) Engine - take some of the already finished (OSCommerce, Bitrix, ...) or order your own (from scratch)? What is more appropriate? 2) Design - how much can a design + layout + design an adequate UI cost? 3) The legal side of the question is - is it necessary to document the online store somehow? Thanks for the feedback. Read more

Making an online store in Ukraine

Hi! I want to open my online store in Ukraine. It will be just a list of goods, and delivery and payment will be done by mail. No e-commerce tools will be connected to the website (when ordering, users will simply leave their phone, and then I will call them back). Maybe someone knows how to properly arrange such an activity? As far as I understand at the moment, you need to add to the new generation of activities - 52.63.0 Rozdrіbna torgіvlya pose stores. Thank you in advance! Read more

bitrix php directory size and memory

I want to make a store on Bitrix (recommended) I would like to know how it works with large catalogs (30,000 product items)? and how much memory will be consumed with such a directory size? to draw conclusions on hosting ... and maybe there are better and cheaper systems (only php is interesting)? Read more

Online store: offer options (both free and paid)

Please, advise paid and free scripts online stores. About 10 thousand items are planned. And of course, so that it is relatively easy to refine the scripts and templates. The site itself works on a self-written engine (in PHP), so the corresponding plug-ins / components to the CMS like Joomla / Drupal are not needed. About WebAsyst heard from the wrong side. Bitrix’s solution is a little expensive. UPD In addition to the name, please write briefly what are the strengths and weakn... Read more

The cost of the goal in GA

How to make a calculation of the cost of the goal? There is a counter in AdWords where you can specify the price of the product. It is possible to dynamically substitute the total cost of the order ... BUT ... but you need to count all orders across all channels to attract traffic. Here, only general concepts and explanations are missing. Read more

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