Advise an explanatory book on Java EE 6

Hello. Please advise the explanatory book on Java Enterprise Edition 6. Java programming is familiar. English language options are also welcome. Thank you in advance. Read more

From which book to start learning Java?

Please advise a book for a beginner. Read more

Swing - progress bar

Gentlemen, I have been trying for a long time to figure out how to get the program bar to work, but I didn’t have anything. The situation is this - a large array of objects is processed, it is clear that in the for-loop. There is a progress bar on the JFrame. The code looks like this:  SwingUtilities.invokeLater(new Runnable(){ @Override public void run(){ for(Geoobject geoobject:Geoobjects){ //здесь нужно поменять значение прогрессбара //Какие-то действия с ... Read more

JSF 2: How to display an informational message after a redirect?

There is a page with the authorization form, after correctly filling in the login-password pair, go to the main page of the site and display an informational message that the authorization was successful. It should be noted that the transition to the main page occurs by a redirect request (in which way the redirect welcome?faces-redirect=true or <redirect/> occurs does not matter). The message is placed in FacesContext as follows:  FacesContext facesContext = FacesContext.getCurrentI... Read more

How to install a java-plugin for Google Chrome under Ubuntu - the test page is pleased with the proud "Missing Plug-in". JRE is installed, the Internet is googled on "chrome plugin java". Read more

Are there normal translations of the book Thinking in Java?

Particularly interested in the 4th edition. Saw the 4th edition from the publishing house "Peter" - it is terrible. Maybe there is some kind of re-release? And if you read the previous editions, how is it with the translation and are they very outdated? Read more

Retrieving the value of the & lt; version / & gt; from pom.xml in project code

I correctly understand that there are no reasonable ways to get the value of the & lt; version / & gt; from pom.xml in project code? Read more

Creating a folder (directory), password-protected using Java

Actually the question in the header is very clearly stated. It is necessary to create (once, then read and write to it) a password-protected folder. How exactly can Java do this? The known platform on which the application will run: Windows XP sp 2. P.S. Google somehow could not intelligibly answer, or I asked him wrong = ( Read more

User authentication on the application server through authentication in the database

The situation is as follows: There is a product based on an Oracle database. Authentication and authorization of users occurs by usernames / passwords of database users. All the logic of the system lies in the database. On the application server (hereinafter referred to as SP) (GlassFish 3), a JDBC resource is configured to access the database (no login / password is specified). Is it possible to achieve the connection of the joint venture user with the resource user in a declarative wa... Read more

[maven] use absent in the repositories of the library

Good day ... I want to make a Java application with a JWT-based web interface (, while using maven as the build system. But I faced the fact that there is no JWT in its repositories, so the question is how can you manually add the library to the project on maven? If it matters, then IDE - NetBeans 6.9.1 Read more

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