Android SDK: how to get an uncompressed photo?

Good day! I am writing an application for Android that should receive a photo and process it in a special way. On the docks, I read that takePicture of the Camera class takes callbacks as parameters, into which data received during the shooting is then transferred (rawCallback and jpegCallback).  As a result of the experiments, it turned out that a ready-made JPEG file comes in jpegCallback stably, which you can immediately write to a USB flash drive, but null comes to rawCallback. Googlin... Read more

A question about Java literature?

I want to consult about audio, video and textual information about this wonderful language. There is a need to learn its elements. There are a lot of sources. Please help in choosing. I would be very grateful to see your favorite sources. Thanks in advance, Mozhaev Vitaly. Read more

Online Java Seminars

Hello! I would like to know if there are any sites with materials, articles, screen (or sub) castes on Java (or Java EE), like Techdays? Read more

For Java lovers?

I never really liked to make code in static methods, I did it normally, if I could not do it without it. And then I thought about it and still can’t find the right answer to, it seems to me, a rather easy question. Does it make sense (by resources, speed, or?) In the conversion: public class A { private final int a; private final Map<Integer, Integer> map; public A(int a) { this.a = a; = new HashMap<Integer, Integer>(); } public... Read more

Good literature on Tapestry, Hibernate, Tomcat, Spring IoC (& amp; MVC)?

Not all books are equally useful (referenc and tutorial too), so the subject itself is Read more

Prevalence of JVM

We need an approximate percentage of the prevalence of JVM on desktops. It will be even better if there is data on the platforms. I know that the JVM is already out of the box in most popular Linux distros, as well as on MacOS. But how is it going on Windows? Especially on XP with different service packs. Read more

How to prevent a call to Tomcat bypassing the Apache HTTP server preceding it?

Installed as follows: Apache server sits on port 80 and when requesting * .jsp redirects via mod_jk to Tomcat, which is on 8080. And everything works fine, but the question is, what about Tomcat port? After all, someone can type instead of and thus bypass Apach! I mean deliberate user actions. Just changing the port to any other one I think is not an option. Read more

How to make jsp documents (jspx) keep formatting final html?

JSP documents (those with XML syntax and .jspx extension) delete all formatting when generating the resulting HTML. All html markup is simply written to a string. How to set up so that jspx documents retain their formatting like simple JSP pages? Read more

Online IDE for Java development

Actually looking for a subject. So far, I have found only, but there is too little functionality, and in general I didn’t wait there until the standard example was compiled :) Read more

Returning a complete command object?

Used by Spring MVC, an example code is shown below: Controller methods /*<br/> * Создание нового объекта и его инициализация.<br/> */ <br/> @RequestMapping(value = &quot;/new&quot;, method = RequestMethod.GET)<br/> public String newObject(Model model) {<br/> Сitizen citizen= citizenDao.getNewObject();<br/> citizen.setIsLoyalToTheParty(true);<br/> model.addAttribute(&quot;citizen&quot;, citizen);<br/> return &quot;Cit... Read more

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