Database Designer, with good visualization and work with the database?

It is interesting to find out which programs are created today, and how many buns which one of them has, the main criteria, not many of them, visualization of the base model, direct work from the model to the base itself (not like in MySQL Workbench, where the model goes like one project , and another one works with the base), well, MySQL or PostgereSQL support. Read more

How not to work overtime?

The question is simply formulated: “How not to work overtime?”, But here, as they say, two in one. The first side of the question. What to do if you, as an employee, got into the team, where it is customary to recycle? For example, in Sberbank, an IT employee who leaves earlier than half past seven may be left without a serious premium and fall into disfavor with his superiors. How to deal with such processing? With that, it is simply impossible for a person to quit (any circumstances). ... Read more

What is missing in the modern CMS?

The answer to this question is useful both for developers of modern CMS, and for beginners who are just starting this difficult and not always approved business. I'm not talking about such things as download speed, user-friendliness of the interface, etc., I expect from you rather specifics and small things that could simplify your life and speed up the work on creating, configuring and filling sites. Read more

Advise good and, preferably, free backup software for win

I just can’t find good software for automatically creating backup copies of folders and files. (Preferred with incremental save option) I just want an automatic tool - in order not to interrupt all tasks, displaying an error like a file is busy to skip / interrupt (at 3 o'clock in the deaf server, no one will read this error anyway, I don’t understand what it is for, but in many ways there is software) Of course, it is desirable to open source, under the GPL ... but this is just a wish. ... Read more

How to competently develop a database?

Always when developing a new project, the question arises how to competently develop a database in MySQL so that it would cope well with the workloads and would be convenient to use. For example, there are users, there is contact information about users, a company, linking companies to users, transactions, accounts, etc. ) maybe there is a technique, article, software? Read more

What system of control over work and bugs to choose?

I and my partners often work as freelancers to create small sites. After the development period, a testing period follows, and then the site is transferred to the “combat” server. But even after the full launch of the site, sometimes bugs are found and / or the client wants some new feature. I would like to organize a web-interface, where the client could look at how many percent we completed the feature requested by him and / or could add a bug to the bug list for us to fix. Which CMS is suitab... Read more

Live broadcast radio station !?

Hello! It is necessary to solve the problem of broadcasting an analog radio station online. On the studio PC, the DRS2006 is installed as I know it has a plug-in for broadcasting online, but the problem is that it only broadcasts from the program itself. News is sometimes started from Winamp. Is there software to solve this problem? Read more

and in general is already everything or can we hope that it will come to life?

actually tried to register there yesterday, but it didn't work out :( ps and what other similar services are there and to be fully supported by NetBeans, like Read more

Interface for large multilingual translations for Linux

I want to organize the work of translating various articles, books, etc. Linux is more convenient. Tried plain-text (a separate file for each language) - inconvenient. Now I have overtaken the text in po-format (gettext), it seems to be more convenient, but still not ideal. Something like this:  - Two-column interface (on the left is the original, on the right is the translation) or similar organization of the workspace  - Splitting text into paragraphs or sentences (as in poeditor) for ... Read more

Flash & amp; ActionScript: where to start?

There is a desire to learn Flash and Actionscript. Current skills - PHP, Bash, SQL ... Tell me, please, where to start, what to read - and what kind of software is needed? Read more

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