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What are the analogues of OpenX?

Advise counterparts of the OpenX banner, but not so twisted. Important! Analogs must be Open Source! Thank! Read more

Internet in the business center

In our business center (Central District of Moscow) Internet tariffs pass all imaginable boundaries. And if we are ready to spend money on mail and telephony, then frankly speaking, it's a pity to spend money on surfing the web. Now we use Yota, which is terribly uncomfortable and slow. How did you get out of these situations? Read more

Banners for adwords filter (Selection of placements)

The site has several adsense ad units and Text ads are displayed in all blocks (although the settings are “text and graphics”). I want to give advertisers the opportunity to place banners on the site through adwords (Selection of Placements), but the system persistently writes that I only have text ads. In theory, this should be done somewhere in dfp, but it is possible that you can specify this in adsense. Screenshot Read more

Domain transfer

Suppose I have a domain, it happened that the admin-c is the nickname of the registrar handle. What is the procedure for transferring a domain to another registrar? I have to ask the current registrar to change admin-c to my nickname handle and then the registrars understand each other? Zone Read more

An alternative adBlock on Chrome?

After a long period of working with this extension in the chanterelle, I can’t get used to working with him in Chrome. But today he refused to work at all. Maybe someone will throw a couple of alternatives to dealing with blinking banners, including and flashing without affecting the functionality of the site as a whole (how do the "cutters" of scripts and Java do it)? Thank you in advance :) blocking ads Read more

What mobile operator will you advise in Moscow?

I will soon go to Moscow for 2 weeks and I need constant access to the Internet. Of course, it makes sense to buy a SIM card for mobile connection. But which operator can you advise me - mts, beeline, ..? I heard that you can already buy a sim card at the station in the subway, is that so? Read more

Do you like these buttons & quot; KupiKupon & quot; and other ads on all pages of Habr?

Subject. P.S. And Zuckerberg, not only in the film, but also in life practically does not allow advertising in FB ... Read more

Advertising & quot; Yandex & quot; twist on TV, in the subway posters Yandex, no one know?

In the city of Kharkov in the subway appeared posters "Yandex". On TV twist advertising "Yandex". Nobody knows what this is for? Read more

Why does karma not work with purchased accounts?

I, of course, understand everything, I must earn money, etc. But after all, if society has rejected, society, which brings popularity and income, then why are “zaminusovannye accounts” still post their advertising in corporate purchased blogs? Wrong is. After all, there are examples of good, albeit advertising, corporate blogs, whose owners do not carry away a minus. It seems Habr should revise the policy slightly, let the "corporations" (who just do not "buy" this habr, every trash) b... Read more

Tricolor Internet?

Does anyone have experience with tricolor internet? What is the speed? What can we buy better? I want to put on the cottage, but the price of the NetLine 300S modem is more than 5k rubles, I would not want to just throw out the money. In questions and answers to, one person writes that the speed of 20-30 kb / s on the other says that 900kb / s was. I am looking for owners of tricolor internet. Read more

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