MongoDB and OLAP

It is required to perform OLAP data processing, build reports, apply various data mining methods (build decision trees, perform clustering, etc.) according to the available information about the company's customers. I read about mongodb - it lures me with its simplicity, the ability to map / reduce (I think this will greatly facilitate the construction of all kinds of reports), scalability, but since I never had anything to do with it, I ask for advice, is it worth it for the required tasks? Read more

Sharding MongoDB under load?

How does a MongoDB shading behave under load? Especially how does Map / Reduce affect the system load? Read more

NoSQL - application features

When is the use of such databases as MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis and some others justified? Does it make sense to put them instead of the classic mysql, on a site with a weak load? Are they used in conjunction with mysql, or work separately? Read more

I read that MongoDB has a limit of 4MB per document. I was not mistaken?

Especially it is not clear if it is recommended to de-normalize the data - for example, store comments on the comment ... comment:{Id:..., Text: ..., comments: []} This is because you are resting on the limit and the pipe ... Read more

PHP - how to connect to Mongo on demand (deferred)?

The module for working with Mongo, included in the PHP delivery package, provides the ability to connect to the server not immediately - allowing you to select a database and collection without establishing a connection. For this there is such a construction:  $mongo = new \Mongo (MONGO_SERVER, array ("connect" => false)); However, in order to perform any action on the data, you must first call $mongo->connect (). In this connection, the question arose - perhaps there... Read more

MongoDB hosting in Russia already have?

Actually, are there any analogs of and hosting that support MongoDB extensions for different languages? Read more

Should I use Mongo?

Greetings! Recently, I hear more and more mentions about NoSQL and MongoDB in particular. I was interested in the topic, but I still can’t find the information that interests me, so I’ll ask here - probably many have already managed to experiment and maybe develop serious high-loaded applications in conjunction with MongoDB. I will warn you in advance if somewhere I made a mistake regarding MongoDB - I did not specifically. I just didn’t even try to work with her, but just read the article... Read more

Django + MongoDB

Actually the question. How can I get Django to work with MongoDB or even with noSQL databases. Thank you Read more

Explain why we need document-oriented databases (MongoDB)?

Subject. Here I do not understand. Please provide more practical solutions. For the business sector, for example. Read more

How to make OR in MongoDB?

To select fields according to the conjunction of two conditions, we simply write: db.blabla.find ({field1: value1, field2: value2}) And how to make, that the request was with a disjunction? To select everything, where field1 = value1 OR field2 = value2? Maybe I am very bad at reading mana, but I have been fighting for a long time, usually finding a way around (sometimes through $ in, if the field is one), but now at a dead end. upd: While I posted a post, I found that the feature i... Read more

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