What books should I read to learn how to design for iPhone / iPad?

I have already read Become an Xcoder, am finishing Programming in objective-c 2.0. What would be most logical to read the following, maybe someone has even a list of books? Read more

Calculate height (in pixels) of an NSTextField in Cocoa?

Friends! Actually the question is, there is a web service, data in NSTextField is dynamically pulled from it. Can a great framework solve my problem? P.S - if you get the height of the text field, the height of the form should also change. If someone decides, friends respond :) Read more

Cocoa touch Plugins for Interface Builder

Did anyone have experience creating a cocoa tocuh plug-in for IB? There is no standard project for this plugin in XCode4.preview5 ... there is also documentation on this topic. What techniques exist for customizing a custom control into at least a kind of “component” for convenient use in other projects? Read more

Record the audio stream in my iPhone application

Hello! Faced a task, I have an application in which there are 3 buttons. When you press each of them, the sound is played. How can I write this? Ie as if recording the sound inside the application. If you are an iPhone developer and have a free day, write! I will pay;) Read more

Restriction on the number of input lines in NSTextView?

There is a text box NSTextView. What you need: 1. limit the number of characters to 150 maximum; 2. limit the maximum number of lines to 4. The first is simple enough. But on the second point I have a problem. I can count the number of lines of text in the field NSLayoutManager *layoutManager = [NSTextView layoutManager];<br/> NSUInteger numberOfLines, index, numberOfGlyphs = [layoutManager numberOfGlyphs];<br/> NSRange lineRange;<br/> <br/> for (numberOfLines =... Read more

Night mode in IPhone / iPad?

Please tell me how to make a night mode in the application? That everything was red, as, for example, in Solar Walk Read more

Quartz, NSColor and color?

How can I convert colors from layout in photoshop to NSColor colors? No matter how much he fights, they constantly differ, as if brighter. How to solve problems: 1. brought to mind [[NSColor colorWithCalibratedRed:R/255.0f green:G/255.0f blue:B/255.0f alpha:1.0] set]; 2. Changed color space in sRGB NSColorSpace *sRGB = [NSColorSpace sRGBColorSpace]; Already better, but still brighter. In this photoshop layout in RGB / 8, and for the experiment also translated into sRGB, but not... Read more

: How can I track the Trackpad Scroll event in any application so that I can find out the position of the fingers on the device?

I’ve searched a lot of information on the topic, but I didn’t find anything. The task is this: whatever the application a person is, you need to track the scrolling event, understand that it is scrolling on the trackpad and calculate the device. In other words, you need to understand from which point of the device the scrolling gesture began. This is important. I tried to do it through CGEventTap. I managed everything, but finding out where the finger was on the device with this approach... Read more

How to block the launch of a screensaver in OS X and unlock it back?

Good day to all! A seemingly simple goal is set before me: temporarily block the launch of the screensaver, as any video player does, for example. The functions IOPMAssertionCreateWithName and IOPMAssertionRelease of IOKit google quickly, just like the demo code. But, unfortunately, it did not work for me. More precisely, earned, but not fully. The screensaver is blocked but not unlocked. I made a small test case: - the essence comes down to this pi... Read more

How to make the window transparent?

Is it possible to make the window completely transparent, but all controls that are located inside this window should be visible? Read more

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