What books should I read to learn how to design for iPhone / iPad?

I have already read Become an Xcoder, am finishing Programming in objective-c 2.0. What would be most logical to read the following, maybe someone has even a list of books? Read more

Multi-level UITableView?

A lot of table needs to be made. For example, at the beginning we have only 3 cells. Read more

Calculate height (in pixels) of an NSTextField in Cocoa?

Friends! Actually the question is, there is a web service, data in NSTextField is dynamically pulled from it. Can a great framework solve my problem? P.S - if you get the height of the text field, the height of the form should also change. If someone decides, friends respond :) Read more

Application development for iphone

What are the pros and cons of using this or that platform for programming iPhone applications. In particular, interested in flash and objective c. What platform would you recommend to use, or perhaps it is interesting how to combine their positive sides in order to get rid of the negative ones. Thanks for answers. Read more

ABAddressBookAddRecord returns NO and does not fill error?

Faced with a mystical mistake. There is a code that creates a new group in the address book: CFErrorRef error = NULL; ABRecordRef group = ABGroupCreate(); if (!ABRecordSetValue(group, kABGroupNameProperty, name, &error)) return nil; if (!ABAddressBookAddRecord(_book, group, &error)) return nil; ... This code works correctly in iOS 4.1 / 4.2, in the simulator 4.0.2 / 4.1 / 4.2, and, until recently, it worked correctly on iOS 4.0.1. But, after a minor change in the program i... Read more

Learning a language for mobile development with a further perspective?

Hello, I have long wanted to do mobile development, I really want to. Even MBP bought. But I want to choose not Objective-C (I don’t want to be attached to one company), but C ++ (or C (I never climbed into this sphere, the choice is difficult)) to develop as natively as, say, obj-c for apple deyvaysov, but that it spread to the android (and maybe on WinPhone7). That is, choose one universal language. I thought about Java, but Java, as we know, will not drive for apples. :) For this, while ... Read more

Audio Unit Effect for iPhone?

Hello everyone! There was a question, maybe someone decided already. I would like to use a couple of effects in my application - echo, tremolo. How can this be achieved? Perhaps frameworks ... For links and examples - pluses;) Read more

Record the audio stream in my iPhone application

Hello! Faced a task, I have an application in which there are 3 buttons. When you press each of them, the sound is played. How can I write this? Ie as if recording the sound inside the application. If you are an iPhone developer and have a free day, write! I will pay;) Read more

Objective-C Learning. Apple iOS?

Hello, as, not so long ago, I wondered what to learn from mobile technologies. The choice was made in favor of Objective-C for so many reasons. Actually, what is currently available: MPB, iPhone4, xcode + ios_sdk 4.2. I have little PHP experience, and I'm currently working on Ruby on Rails. But I have never had experience with S-shny languages, and in particular, with Objective-C. True, there is a huge desire. That's the question - where to start? Do I need to plunge into C first, ... Read more

IOS + DOM + Word + Excel frameworks?

Interested in writing your own viewer for .doc / .docx and .xls / .xlsx. I know what to do through DOM, it is possible through CoreText. (CoreText know very well) Tell me where to start, maybe where there are already ready examples of mapping and parsing? Read more

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