FreeBSD and ZFS

As many know, there is such an OS: FreeBSD. Bad or good, it does not matter, it is beyond the scope of this questionnaire. For those who like to write something like “FreeBSD - RIP”, please take a walk on link and leave this inscription there. Also, there is such a file system called ZFS, the development of recently eaten Sun Microsystems. The file system is extremely interesting and quite remarkable. I am the system administrator of HabraHabr and soon I plan a rather serious server econom... Read more

Geographically Distributed MySQL

Greetings to all. There is a desire to geographically distribute the project, and start with one of its components: MySQL. Interesting answers are those who worked closely with this database and not in theory knows how various geographically distributed balancing schemes work. The current scheme is approximately as follows: one web server and two database servers in master-slave mode. Only read requests go to one, mainly to write to the other, both database servers are nearby and are con... Read more

Is there an RSS for the q & a service in habra?

I wanted to subscribe to RSS link, but I didn’t find it. Is there any? Read more

Habr is becoming popular among spammers, or where did they get my e-mail from?

Just a few minutes ago, it fell into the mail after passing 2 spam filters (Google and internal on the mailer) Read more

Why does the q & a rating of the article appear immediately, but in posts you need to “merge” a voice?

Looking at the article for which I did not vote - I do not see the rating of this article. I need to put +, - or just merge my voice to see what rating the article has. But in q & a - immediately visible. Question: Why is the q & a rating visible? Read more

SPF-record. Embed or not?

Greetings to all. I continue my cycle "Ideas for Habr." I remind you that I administer this site at a low level (server, OS, daemons and interaction of all this) and I’m quite interested in the opinions of my colleagues who have practical experience using what is indicated in the post topic. So far everything has been going on quite sluggishly, but I have already gathered some useful information. Previous questions:  link  link This time the question revolves around the postal ... Read more

Where do the works from the contest of prototypes of Microsoft Exression disappear?

On the main browser there is a button “Microsoft Exression. Prototype Competition " Judging by the description, the work should be posted at:  habrahabr.ru/special/microsoft/expression/works/ where they should be evaluated: “Winners are determined by online voting on the website habrahabr.ru.” Yesterday there was one job. Then she disappeared, a second one appeared (a nice prototype of a twitter client). There was a third (did not have time to browse) Everyone is gone. Now the s... Read more

What would you improve or change in the Habrahabr interface?

I would like in this question to collect answers from users who wish to make any changes to the Habrahabr interface. Various small changes and improvements are welcome. You do not need to add comments like "make already Habrahabr fixed to 800 pixels" or "repaint all links in orange color". The conversation is about those small things in the interface, the eye for which you most often cling. Maybe you would really like to change or add something: small changes in the display of comments, ... Read more

How to use links of the form apt in Habré?

The Ubuntarium blog will often post articles about new programs. To download a program, you need to either find it somewhere on the website or in the Application Center. To get around the problem, you can use links like this.  apt://имя_пакета But habraparser cuts out a colon in such links. So how do you insert such a link? Read more

Why habrakhabr blocks requests for RSS based on user-agent information?

I use akregator as an RSS news aggregator, but I haven't been able to get the tape for about half a year. It's easy to make sure the User-Agent is to blame: $ wget -U &quot;Akregator/1.6.5; syndication&quot; <a href="http://habrahabr.ru/rss/">habrahabr.ru/rss/</a><br/> --2010-09-15 17:52:52-- <a href="http://habrahabr.ru/rss/">habrahabr.ru/rss/</a><br/> Resolving habrahabr.ru...<br/> Connecting to habrahabr.ru||:8... Read more

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