FreeBSD and ZFS

As many know, there is such an OS: FreeBSD. Bad or good, it does not matter, it is beyond the scope of this questionnaire. For those who like to write something like “FreeBSD - RIP”, please take a walk on link and leave this inscription there. Also, there is such a file system called ZFS, the development of recently eaten Sun Microsystems. The file system is extremely interesting and quite remarkable. I am the system administrator of HabraHabr and soon I plan a rather serious server econom... Read more

Free hosting panel for FreeBSD

And advise her, please? Criteria: work under frey, preferably in the jail. Paid ones are not suitable due to the small number of clients and the low probability that they will increase greatly in the foreseeable future. So far I have found Domain Technologie Control (DTC), but some kind of it is low-maintenance and overloaded with features (IMHO). Read more

I can't build Nesus from ports on FreeBSD 7.3

Good evening, dear community! Thanks in advance for your help ... proper subject ...  ===> Verifying install for nessus.4 in /usr/ports/security/nessus-libraries ===> Building for nessus-libraries-2.2.9_1 cd libpcap-nessus && make libtool cc -pipe -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe -O2 -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe -I. -I../../include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DNESSUS_ON_SSL -DHAVE_SYS_IOCCOM_H=1 -DHAVE_SYS_SOCKIO_H=1 -DHAVE_ETHER_HOSTTON=1 -DHAVE_STRERROR=1 -DHAVE_SOCKADDR_SA_LEN=1 -I. -... Read more

nginx + php-fpm + freebsd. Problem

Gathered from nginx and php5 ports with php-fpm Created a vhost for nginx  server { server_name site1; listen 80; access_log /server/logs/nginx/site1.access.log; error_log /server/logs/nginx/site1.error.log; location ~ \.php$ { fastcgi_pass; fastcgi_index index.php; fastcgi_param script_FILENAME /server/www/site1$fastcgi_script_name; include fastcgi_params; } location / { root /server/www/site1; } } Added to rc.conf  nginx_enable=&... Read more

Asterisk better to raise on FreeBSD or Linux?

Hello everyone! Subject. FreeBSD knows much better, from Linux I know more or less Debian. In the server with * except for additional ezernet controllers, nothing is planned to be stuck. Analogue from the city comes to the Asteroid channel bank, according to TDMoE given *. At the same time, 20-30 calls are planned for the city & lt; - & gt; sip (G 711) clients inside. shy and what iron for this thing to take? Read more

BSD + Xen Dom0 + convenient volume management?

I understand that Dom0 of BSD systems can only be NetBSD? I did not find any information on DragonFlyBSD. Can anyone know how things are there? Ideally, of course, I would like to raise Dom0 on my favorite fra and it is convenient to manage volumes from it through ZFS. But frya does not hold Dom0, and NetBSD does not hold ZFS. Some kind of ambush. And I do not want Linux, even though LVM is convenient in it. I’ll put NetBSD on now, but what if someone advises something else. And still... Read more

Informing about the successful connection of a PPPoE client on FreeBSD?

There is a server on FreeBSD, going to the Internet via PPPoE. When connected, he is issued an honest IP address, but each time is different. I screwed the DynDNS client inadyn and everything seems to be normal, but for some reason once in ten inadyn does not work and the server remains unavailable until the next reconnection (or even reboot). Is it possible to send a PPPoE connection notification to the soap every time at the time of connection? Naturally, what would this alert contain the re... Read more

FreeBSD 8.0 vs 8.1

Question for BSD people. How popular is 8.0 now among servers? Will it be an adequate step not to support it in your software for the sake of 8.1 capabilities? Read more

Copying files through an intermediate server?

There are three machines, all running freebsd. At # 1 and # 3 there is no connection between them, but there is a connection through # 2 (the networks are different). How can I copy a very large amount of data from # 1 to # 3 using # 2? The data is measured in TB, so leaving them in between 2 # is a bad option. I tried to do it through mc on # 2, on the left side of which is a connection to # 1, and on the right side to # 3. But after a number of files, the mc constantly gives the error “No s... Read more

Two-way data synchronization on two servers?

Available: 2 servers on FreeBSD (# 1 and # 2) with rsync running, which are located in different apartments. On each server there is one 500 GB hard drive, which stores working and personal information. Task: Make a smart sync that could: 1. When adding / deleting / changing information to server # 1, it should be added / deleted / changed on server # 2. 2. Similarly, p. 1 in the reverse order. As I did: On server # 2 added the following commands to cron: /usr/local/bin/rsync -avz ... Read more

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