How much can an experienced web developer get today?

What are the salaries today experienced freelance web developers? Without money from their possible startups, just working for customers. How much is it possible to earn by working almost around the clock like this? Read more

On which freelance stock exchange are the best copywriters and editors?

Who used the services of copywriters, please tell me which mercenary exchange you have pleasant memories. It would be ideal to find a person keen on the development of an information resource about IT, and regularly pay him a small coin for creating topical interesting materials. Using my standard practice of estimating popularity with the help of search engines in this case turned out to be impossible due to some crazy amount of SEO spam for keywords on the topic. Upd 1. Almost all the... Read more

Free domain 3 level

Where to register a domain 3 level for free? So you can write in the settings IP of your machine. They delete me on, as I have a permanent IP, and their rule says: * You do not log into the account within a 30-day period  * Dynamic DNS hostnames within a 30-day period Read more

Advise foreign freelancing sites (equipment development)

What are popular foreign resources for finding customers? It’s not the usual freelancing (programming and design) that interests you, but the sites where you can find orders for the development of equipment and other engineering works. Those. we need either general websites, where there is such a direction, or specialized ones. In English, the work that interests me is called "electronics design". Thank you in advance. Read more

How to freelance?

I am a 2nd year student in Computer Science I will not go into details, but unfortunately next year I will have to support myself What should I learn to earn freelance? I understand perfectly well that many believe that you need to go to freelancing only after working in an office, but, alas, I have no choice, regular work does not fit the schedule I will be very happy also to any advice in terms of books! Read more

Remote access to the work computer

They were released on vacation, but it so happened that the product is now undergoing internal testing. Therefore, you may have to urgently fix something. Of course, I don’t want to come to the office and do it. It would be great if you could remotely throw the code into the repository. But the problem is that the working computer uses a proxy to access the Internet, the proxy server uses VPN access to the corporate server, and that one is already looking to the provider. Can you please tell... Read more

Programmer: level increase

I am engaged in php programming for myself. I study frameworks, I write small projects like blogs and ToDo-sites. There was a desire to work as a freelancer, but when I looked at what the customers want, I got scared. In general, I feel insecure. How to become an 80th-level elf professional programmer and solve problems of any complexity? Where to go? Read more

help to find a common calendar for working with freelancers, not google docs

We need a common calendar for a company that works with freelancers. Each freelancer under his account should have a simple calendar in which he can mark the days available for receiving an order. And this data from all freelancers should automatically be visible to the administrator in his calendar. Ideally, export to Excel is still needed ... Is there such a service? google docs is not suitable - not everyone has gmail Read more

Why do I need my business?

Is it interesting for the community to have a topic on the topic “Why do I need my business?” Show all the bad sides of a personal business and what could be without you own business. Those. to approach the question not from the side “we start working for ourselves, because ..” but to recognize the reverse sides of the medal. Read more

Conclusion webmoney

Hello everyone! I am a freelancer, and it so happened that my salary is paid in webmoney. But I have never used electronic currencies before, so I want to ask: What is the best way to withdraw webmoney? What are the pros cons of each method. How do I deal with tax? Thank you in advance. Read more

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