Geographically Distributed MySQL

Greetings to all. There is a desire to geographically distribute the project, and start with one of its components: MySQL. Interesting answers are those who worked closely with this database and not in theory knows how various geographically distributed balancing schemes work. The current scheme is approximately as follows: one web server and two database servers in master-slave mode. Only read requests go to one, mainly to write to the other, both database servers are nearby and are con... Read more

Infrastructure under high loads

Good afternoon, colleagues. We are preparing for the launch of one project, unfortunately, according to the NDA I cannot tell what the project is, later, after the launch, I will write a post, but there was a problem. By the time of launch, we expect high loads and it is a bit difficult for us to assess the necessary infrastructure for them. At the peak, we expect ~ 5 million MySQL queries per minute (60% Select / 40% Insert). Queries themselves are pretty simple. without complicated samples... Read more

MySQL and player rating operations

Suppose there is a player sign where each player has a “score” field. And we want to create a general ranking of players with sorting by this field. The question is, is it possible to somehow get the position of a given player in this rating? Those. there is a player with a score = 12 and when sorting by this field he will be in the list of all players in the 50,000th place. Can you somehow define this place with a flick of your wrist? Or is there only one option here - once in N... Read more

Recommend a program for modeling MySQL databases under Ubuntu

Need a program for designing a MySQL database with a graphical display of links and automatic code generation for creating tables. Is there such a Linux and what is the best, convenient for a beginner? Read more

Backups of content versions when creating an article how to implement? (PHP, MySql)?

For example, in WordPress there is such a chip That is, each article has several versions, saved at a certain interval with the possibility of rollback to each of them. Please tell me how to correctly implement this using PHP and MySQl! Thanks Read more

How to automatically back up mysql?

I want to do mysql backups of some databases. To make a backup automatically, go to the mailbox and drop it onto my computer. How can you implement? I have a vps server on the frih. Read more

How to learn PHP / mySQL?

I myself am learning PHP / Mysql programming, and I want to ask the habrasociety community for advice. Here is a list of references that I use for individual study: link link link link link The question is: Did I choose the right books? Sometimes I read a book and it seems that the author wrote to sell the book and make a profit. Of course, an experienced programmer understands everything that is written in the book, but where exactly is the book in which clearly explains a partic... Read more

How to migrate a database with indices and foreign keys from MySQL to HSQLDB?

There are about 2 million records in the database, in MySQL all this happiness with indices is about 300 megabytes. Read more

Flour choice PHP-framework for developing a site focused on mobile users

Hi, There was a desire to invent a bicycle to make some very capacious site for mobile devices (smartphones and the like) - that is, html. There is a desire to implement in PHP, which raises the question: how to use the PHP framework? Very few requests: Not abstruse documentation (you can even in Russian :)) Having easy MVC Support (implementation?) I18n Easy DB interface (mysql): it still seems to me that you can often write a request with your hands; it still seems to me that ... Read more

The storage scheme of changing data with a history of

There are about 300 thousand objects (for example cars) for each car once a week the parameters are measured (mileage, tire pressure, amount of fuel), parameters will be around 20 pieces, you need to store all this in base. Basically, users are only interested in the latest parameters. But sometimes it is necessary to answer questions like "And how did tire pressure change over time," "And what parameters changed last week?" Intuition says that you probably need to look towards mongo, bu... Read more

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