Geographically Distributed MySQL

Greetings to all. There is a desire to geographically distribute the project, and start with one of its components: MySQL. Interesting answers are those who worked closely with this database and not in theory knows how various geographically distributed balancing schemes work. The current scheme is approximately as follows: one web server and two database servers in master-slave mode. Only read requests go to one, mainly to write to the other, both database servers are nearby and are con... Read more

Python Remote Objects - written code?

Here is link - a library that allows you to easily organize the distributed architecture of the program. Subject next. Did you have experience writing distributed applications on python - can you share your experience? Any mention of current information: articles, titles of textbooks, thematic portals, open source projects, interesting sources, a brief summary of existing project architectures (if any) will be met with joy and approval. Thank. Read more

Location of parts of a distributed database

Please tell us how they optimize the location of parts of a distributed database? More or less ready-made software products and examples of problem solving are of interest. Ie, for example: There are several connected servers for a distributed database throughout the country, which are also clients of this database. There are many tables in the database. There are statistics on requests from customers to specific tables. There is some cost of storing data on a specific server. Ther... Read more

Example of a distributed database, where the connection between the server and the data is not obvious

Can you give me an example of a system where the use of the distributed database will be effective. In addition to: 1. The binding of specific data to a specific server was not obvious For example, in the database of patients of a large network of clinics with branches in many cities - the binding is obvious, since it is most effective to store data about the Murmansk patient on the Murmansk server, and not on the Ryazan one. 2. Servers must be remote from each other so that the time fo... Read more

In which distributed computing projects do you participate in?

After the topic about the project MilestoneRSA (breaking the bootloader protection with distributed brute force), joined the project, but for the second day the coordination site is not responding, and I can’t send the results (judging by the tweet I'm not alone). I think this is temporary, so I would like to add some other useful information for now. Tell us what projects you provide the power of your computer and why. Read more

How to test complex distributed systems?

How do you automatically test complex distributed systems? For example, consisting of several components - Cassandra, ActiveMQ, a pair of self-written demons. In reality, this all revolves on 8-10 machines, it became necessary to run basic tests in automatic mode. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to confine with tests in each individual component - there have already been cases when changes in one of the components broke other components, but tests did not fall in them - the interface ... Read more

Web application development + api for mobile clients in Java

Development of a high-loaded project is planned. In short: client-server application for connecting human-clients with service providers. Accordingly, there are a lot of users planned, service providers - too many. But first you need to make a prototype. What we have: OS - Linux (presumably Ubuntu Server) Language - Java DBMS - PostgreSQL + Hibernate What is missing: 1. A framework for creating your own web application. It is desirable, with the ability to use some xml layouts, JavaScr... Read more

Help in the design of distributed architecture

Hello! The challenge now is to build distributed storage. Initial data: 1) several (5 or more) heterogeneously distributed sites 2) each site generates gigabytes / terabytes of content (text, audio, video, records in different databases) 3) users need to work with data from all sites equally 4) it is necessary to organize a quick search in all files, and in the future to build a system for data analysis 5) need high availability and resiliency Now we plan to collect all this data into one... Read more

How can several 4G modems be configured for video output?

Greetings to all! It is necessary to load video from the camera to the server, but there is no hope for a single 4G modem due to the signal instability (the camera is moving). What are the options to distribute the stream to several modems (different operators) and load on the server in parallel, and then collect? Are there ready solutions for this? More options? Read more

Where to look for manuals for developing p2p applications?

Is there a desirable Russian-language manuals that tell about the architecture of p2p applications? Those. I would like to not bike, but read some best practices on this topic. Examples on the pearl would be just cool. Read more

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