Geographically Distributed MySQL

Greetings to all. There is a desire to geographically distribute the project, and start with one of its components: MySQL. Interesting answers are those who worked closely with this database and not in theory knows how various geographically distributed balancing schemes work. The current scheme is approximately as follows: one web server and two database servers in master-slave mode. Only read requests go to one, mainly to write to the other, both database servers are nearby and are con... Read more

Synchronization tools on remote database servers

In the process of writing the project, we faced the fact that many clients needed to transfer applications and directories, and collect data on the activities of branches. And to find a solution that satisfies all the conditions failed. Come to the idea of ​​writing yourself. What means do you use, considering the indicated conditions (all or any combination of them)? 1. Servers are removed for a long distance (different cities) 2. Unstable / narrow Internet channel (for example, communi... Read more

Mirroring the site / MySQL replication?

I want to have an active / passive Bitrix site mirroring scheme. Those. there is a main site, and if something happens to it, we use a mirror. And the mirror is enough to do read-only. Questions such: 1. Is the solution reasonable? Is the master-slave database replicated using standard MySQL tools, are rsync periodically transferred from the main server? Or is there something better? 2. Is it possible to make a read-only slave-base so that users cannot contribute anything to the site... Read more

SQL replication?

We have 2 VMware MS SQL servers with broken replication. Is it possible to create a SQL failover cluster (if the budget allows), log shipping and p2p replication between them if they are on different sabnets? If yes, then buy iscsi SAN (Md3000i or HP P4000) + gigabit switch. I want to create Iscsi storage for SQL servers and for VMware Motion, HA, DRS for the future Disaster recovery site. Read more

Website backup

Dear Habravchane. Please recommend a solution to this problem. There is an online store site on Debian / VPS. Configured daily local backup and weekly offsite backup on FTP using regular ISP Manager tools. Unfortunately, full backup and archiving (even at night) almost block work due to high load. I am considering an incremental backup option, preferably on FTP. Or replicate the site to remote FTP. What can you recommend as a tool? Thanks in advance for the recommendations. Read more

redis - many independent servers for writing - & gt; 1 aggregating

there are several combat servers, on each is written in radish some statistics, each server has its own statistics there is an aggregation server, where you need to collect statistics, group and calculate, and preferably in real time while I see the options: 1 collect statistics from each radish on the combat servers by timeout in a separate script, in php or python and put in an aggregate radish but there are many difficulties in ensuring the atomicity of operations 2 to m... Read more

MySQL query distribution

Hello! The situation is this. There are two servers with MySQL, replication is configured, one is the master, the other is the slave. How can I make the database change requests (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc.) go to the master and read requests (SELECT) to the slave. Can there be any customization in mysql or a third-party solution? The project itself is made in PHP and we have not thought through this question in advance. Calling requests goes through the usual mysql_query. Thank you in ... Read more

MongoDB: replication of local servers and remote server

I am writing a client application in C #,. NET under Windows. After installing the product, in addition to the client, each machine will have its own local MongoDB server, which will be recorded in the database. The local server does not always have access to the network, if not for the moment, you could simply connect to a remote server and write to its database. I also have a remote MongoDB server, accessible from the Internet. When accessing the Internet, local copy data should be synchro... Read more

What are the options for multi source replication in mysql?

Need to sketch out the architecture for data aggregation with the following conditions: * The organization has a mysql server * There are sales representatives with laptops who do not appear in the office * There are applications on laptops where orders can be placed (as well as mysql) * Internet access and vpn are not always It is necessary to synchronize the "local" base with the central. Currently found the following options: * Active-Active Cluster * Tungsten (it's ho... Read more

Master-Slave replication of two databases simultaneously (MySQL)

Good afternoon! There is a Master-Slave for DB1, where the slave is used for redundancy. Task: add a new DB2 database on the Master so that this DB2 replicates to the Slave. Added to the configs of both servers: replicate-do-db = DB1 replicate-do-db = DB2 Restarted servers, and at the command SHOW SLAVE STATUS; I see that for some reason replication did not fall. I haven't flooded the DB2 database on the Slave yet. Questions: 1) What am I doing wrong? 2) If I set up a... Read more

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