Best ORM for C #

The essence of the problem is as follows: it is required to store information on the state of the object in the database (for example, we monitor the valve at the pump station of the second lift). The parameters of the observed unit can be many - it is temperature, vibration, current values, the percentage of rotation. In addition, it is necessary to save the so-called temporary "snapshots" (values ​​of all parameters) of the state of the unit with a given frequency, for example, once a minute, ... Read more

About the number of connections to the database

There is a standard three-star: thin clients - application server - DB. 50 customers. Is it true that, for an acceptable response time, there will be, say, 5 connections between the server and the database? Read more

What advise the means of auditing data changes in MSSQL?

What advise means for auditing data changes in MSSQL (you need to save the change of all fields), where a bunch of mssql + NHibernate. From what I found is: 1. Hang up triggers in the database, write history to tables with history. 2. In NHibernate itself, hang up handlers in Interceptors or EventListeners and write tables with history. 3. Use feature 2008 MSSQL - Change Data Capture. Here the question is whether it should be used for this, somewhere I read “The main scenario in which CD... Read more

How to competently develop a database?

Always when developing a new project, the question arises how to competently develop a database in MySQL so that it would cope well with the workloads and would be convenient to use. For example, there are users, there is contact information about users, a company, linking companies to users, transactions, accounts, etc. ) maybe there is a technique, article, software? Read more

Prompt the best tool for implementing an Internet project

Task: Educational Internet project. Quite a lot of graphics and reactions to user actions, while the main algorithms are executed on the server, the user profile and his training successes are also stored there. 1. Is Flash the best implementation option? 2. If the project succeeds, I would like to be able to take into account the high load on the server (hundreds of hits per second), although theoretically you can certainly raise several servers. However, what effective mechanisms on the se... Read more

Integration of the site with the 1C: Enterprise 8 database

There is a small website (without the engine) and you need to display the contents of the 1C database on one of the pages. Can anyone come across this? Where to begin? Perhaps there is documentation or something that can help solve this problem? Thanks in advance. Read more

List of universities and schools in the world, the database, where to get?

Hi. The question is - on social. networks, like classmates and VKontakte, before registering users, as I understand it, there was already a list of universities and schools in the world so that users did not enter (often in different ways), but simply chose from the list. And where to get such a list? Can anyone have, al freely available database such is? Googled-googled - not googled. Thank. Read more

Database server under Windows Mobile / Android

How to be if you want to write a shell to work with a 1.5GB database without using Internet for Windows Mobile / Android? Maybe there are SQL-like solutions for these platforms? Read more

Database model with a history of changes?

It is required to develop a database model (or data warehouse) in which not only the current state would be stored, as in ordinary operational databases, but also the entire history of changes of any attributes of any entity over time in order to know everything on any time slice, as done with aggregated data in data warehouses. But if the text attributes and nothing to aggregate, it is unclear how to build such a model. Something close to what I need, probably, temporal databases. I would like ... Read more

Tell me where to read about the GPB

I want to get up to date because I recently found out that BerkeleyDB is not an object database at all. Maybe someone will describe the classification or at least send to a normal site, you can and bourgeois. There is one idea, with my heart I feel that the database for it needs an object one. Thank you in advance. Read more

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