Database architecture for comments

Good afternoon. There was a strange dilemma in the implementation of comments on the site. It is assumed that there will be a large number of articles (not actually articles, but this is not the point), and only a small part of them are actual (often requested), with a short period of time these actual are transferred to the archive (without the possibility of adding new comments) and appear new ones. How best to organize storage in a relational database for all comments, given that the ... Read more

File system for non-relational DBMS

Which file system supported in Linux is best suited for non-relational DBMS, for example, for db4? Read more

Analogue phpmyadmin

Good evening! Is there any analog of phpmyadmin specifically for the mysql database, but with the ability to make forms, such as in microsoft access. In general, the task is to develop a kind of web database, with a convenient form of search and management (editing, deleting, adding, etc.). Are there any ready-made solutions? Or do you need to reinvent your own bike? :) Read more

Finding data based on a large number of criteria

I immediately remembered, approximately like my task:  link Take a look at the panel on the right, you can choose any criteria and it works very quickly. How are these things done? What approaches are used, database device? Ideally, you need some kind of universal mechanism that could search by any arbitrary very large set of criteria, by a huge number of objects (& gt; 100,000) with a different set of fields, do it as quickly as possible, if possible without over 9000 servers. Read more

Application for working with the database on Windows Mobile

Is there any application to work with say SQLite on Windows Mobile? Only interested in searching for records in the selected database and their output. Or any more or less open analogues of the database. Google search gave nothing. Read more

Mssqlserver error 9002: tempdb is full

There is a situation like this: Event Type: Error Event Source: MSSQLSERVER Event Category: (2) Event ID: 17052 Description: Error: 9002, Severity: 17, State: 6 Tempdb is full. Back up some log space. The file C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft SQL Server \ MSSQL \ Data \ templog.ldf has grown to 9 gigabytes. The question is how to clean it properly? Read more

Data caching before query in PHP

Problem: There are about 200 queries of the same type going to the database, but they are not the same, each time changing by one parameter, so the result caching is not suitable here. I know in advance the range of records to which the request occurs, so such an idea was born - select all this data in advance and instead of a request, already sort the data into arrays. Writing this mechanism with hands is reluctant, most likely there should be ready-made solutions, actually the question... Read more

How is it better to organize a database structure for organizing a friends module on a site?

There is a site with a MySQL database. I am writing a module (section) "friends". Functions as always: add, delete, confirm, reject the application. How best to organize the structure to reduce the load? Read more

Conversion of PostgreSQL dump to MSSQL 2008?

I downloaded the Musicbrainz database dump and want to import it into MSSQL 2008, which I picked up on a local machine. Is it possible How to do? I did not find anything on the Internet, except for paid converters, which, as I understood, need an installed PostgreSQL server. Read more

What is the best way to deal with unnecessary records in the database - delete or mark them with the & quot; deleted & quot ;? flag?

Removing unnecessary entries can be done like this: 1. Remove physically. Do OPTIMIZE TABLE periodically. 2. Do not delete. Assign a flag, for example, "deleted", and in the future do not select entries with this flag How is it more correct and more optimal to do if the records are deleted a little, but regularly? Read more

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