Best ORM for C #

The essence of the problem is as follows: it is required to store information on the state of the object in the database (for example, we monitor the valve at the pump station of the second lift). The parameters of the observed unit can be many - it is temperature, vibration, current values, the percentage of rotation. In addition, it is necessary to save the so-called temporary "snapshots" (values ​​of all parameters) of the state of the unit with a given frequency, for example, once a minute, ... Read more

Implementation of data transport over the network in C #

What would you recommend to use from existing or to develop your own technology. Need to create a data transport in the local network and via the Internet? It is advisable to use add-ons over HTTP to painlessly overcome possible barriers. I will also be grateful if you tell me how not to use Base64 in transmission, so as not to increase the traffic consumption. Read more

Serialization in WPF (Events)?

I am serializing my usercontrol to richtextbox WPF. With standard elements, everything is fine, but with its control trabl. Events are not serialized, as stated in MSDN: Event handling is not saved When serializing event handlers that are added using XAML, they are not saved. XAML without selected code (also without an associated x: Code mechanism) has no way of serializing the procedural logic of the runtime. Since serialization is self-contained and limited to a logical tree, there... Read more

.NET. Where can I find the HResult code table for IOException?

There was a problem. It is necessary to catch the errors that occur when working with the file system. In this case, most of the errors are caused by IOException and separating one error from another is obtained only by the exception text or HResult code. What are the HResult codes for IOException (do not offer a table in MSDN - there are 16 thousand codes, only for IOException)? Read more

CSV in C #

Does C # have any built-in tools for working with CSV: import, export? I would not want to reinvent the wheel if it already exists. Read more

.Net work with Com-port?

Can you tell a piece of .Net code to raise the voltage on any Com-port pin (RS232) for a 10-second period? Thank you very much. Read more

BeginRequest not working in Integrated Pipeline?

Everywhere on MSDN it says that handlers need to be hung in Init, which I do. However, the BeginRequest handler does not work. public void Init (HttpApplication context) { this.context = context; this.context.BeginRequest + = new EventHandler (context_BeginRequest); this.context.EndRequest + = new EventHandler (context_EndRequest); } void context_BeginRequest (object sender, EventArgs e) { context.Context.Items [ItemsKey] = CreateSession (); } void context_EndRequest (object sende... Read more

HTTP request C # .NET?

I use HTTP request to get the site pages. Something like this: ... HttpWebRequest request = WebRequest.Create (Url) as HttpWebRequest; ... HttpWebResponse response = request.GetResponse () as HttpWebResponse; ... Sometimes everything works like a clock, but sometimes it happens that a page with a size of several KB is not loaded ... it just hangs, and in the end everything falls down by timeout. Attention! Question: Why when I turn on the transparent proxy on localhost all lag... Read more

Literature on ADO.NET

Comrades .NET developers :). Please advise the suitable literature on this technology. Yes, and more. Since I’m integrating this topic for educational purposes, are you also interested in the relevance of ADO.NET today? I mean purely ADO.NET. Is it used where today? Or something else has come to replace it (Entity Framework, NHibernate) and there is no point in this direction. Read more

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