Best ORM for C #

The essence of the problem is as follows: it is required to store information on the state of the object in the database (for example, we monitor the valve at the pump station of the second lift). The parameters of the observed unit can be many - it is temperature, vibration, current values, the percentage of rotation. In addition, it is necessary to save the so-called temporary "snapshots" (values ​​of all parameters) of the state of the unit with a given frequency, for example, once a minute, ... Read more

What advise the means of auditing data changes in MSSQL?

What advise means for auditing data changes in MSSQL (you need to save the change of all fields), where a bunch of mssql + NHibernate. From what I found is: 1. Hang up triggers in the database, write history to tables with history. 2. In NHibernate itself, hang up handlers in Interceptors or EventListeners and write tables with history. 3. Use feature 2008 MSSQL - Change Data Capture. Here the question is whether it should be used for this, somewhere I read “The main scenario in which CD... Read more

How to competently develop a database?

Always when developing a new project, the question arises how to competently develop a database in MySQL so that it would cope well with the workloads and would be convenient to use. For example, there are users, there is contact information about users, a company, linking companies to users, transactions, accounts, etc. ) maybe there is a technique, article, software? Read more

Prompt the best tool for implementing an Internet project

Task: Educational Internet project. Quite a lot of graphics and reactions to user actions, while the main algorithms are executed on the server, the user profile and his training successes are also stored there. 1. Is Flash the best implementation option? 2. If the project succeeds, I would like to be able to take into account the high load on the server (hundreds of hits per second), although theoretically you can certainly raise several servers. However, what effective mechanisms on the se... Read more

List of universities and schools in the world, the database, where to get?

Hi. The question is - on social. networks, like classmates and VKontakte, before registering users, as I understand it, there was already a list of universities and schools in the world so that users did not enter (often in different ways), but simply chose from the list. And where to get such a list? Can anyone have, al freely available database such is? Googled-googled - not googled. Thank. Read more

File system for non-relational DBMS

Which file system supported in Linux is best suited for non-relational DBMS, for example, for db4? Read more

Analogue phpmyadmin

Good evening! Is there any analog of phpmyadmin specifically for the mysql database, but with the ability to make forms, such as in microsoft access. In general, the task is to develop a kind of web database, with a convenient form of search and management (editing, deleting, adding, etc.). Are there any ready-made solutions? Or do you need to reinvent your own bike? :) Read more

A tool for teamwork of branches and centers

I appeal to the collective habrasemu. We are looking for a dream system for centralized interaction between the main company and partner companies. There are lots of variants of such services, you will not learn everything. I think someone faced a similar task. Need to be able to • Communication on a forum basis • Share photos, videos, office files. Storage in the form of a centralized structured storage. • news publishing • There is a server on which to put this system. In principle... Read more

Finding data based on a large number of criteria

I immediately remembered, approximately like my task:  link Take a look at the panel on the right, you can choose any criteria and it works very quickly. How are these things done? What approaches are used, database device? Ideally, you need some kind of universal mechanism that could search by any arbitrary very large set of criteria, by a huge number of objects (& gt; 100,000) with a different set of fields, do it as quickly as possible, if possible without over 9000 servers. Read more

Application for working with the database on Windows Mobile

Is there any application to work with say SQLite on Windows Mobile? Only interested in searching for records in the selected database and their output. Or any more or less open analogues of the database. Google search gave nothing. Read more

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