Can I do without Entity-Attribute-Value?

You need to do something similar to an online store. The problem is in choosing the method of storing information about the goods, as there are more than a hundred types of goods and each of them has its own set of attributes. The same Magento Commerce for these purposes uses the EAV structure, due to which select requests become very complicated and do not work very quickly. So far, the only thought is to periodically convert EAV into a normal table, from which samples will be drawn. Is ther... Read more

Jamb with Asp.net and SqlDependecy

Sql Server 2005 and ASP.NET 3.5 The problem is known and associated with the rapid filling of the sequel orlog with messages like The query notification dialog on the conversation handle '{F3EB22A6-CDB6-DF11-9BF1-003048CEA3F1}.' closed due to the following error: & lt;? xml version = "1.0"? & gt; -8490 Description Read more

Good books on Oracle (DBA, PL / SQL) judging by your experience?

Interested in the list of references for which studied Oraklists. At the moment there is a huge amount of both paper and electronic literature and from this mass it is very difficult to choose really good material. Advise good in your opinion and experience books on DBA (Ora 10g) and PL / SQL They also advise you to watch Oracle video courses from Puskas and Mironchik. Read more

Russian dictionary

A small Russian dictionary dictionary is needed. It would be very cool right away in SQL. But CSV or txt is also ok. Read more

How to view MS SQL Server 2000 objects in MS SQL SMS 2008 R2 Express similar to viewing them in QA?

Unfortunately, SMS 2008 R2 Express refuses to show SQL 2000 database objects, citing the lack of rights to the sysusers. The administrator is not eager to give rights to select. Is it possible to add functionality to the SMS 2008 environment for working with the SQL 2000 database in Object Explorer, similar to the standard Query Analyzer bundled with the 2000 version. I work under Windows 7, which already leads to problems when installing QA itself (now it is under a virtual machine with... Read more

Synchronization tools on remote database servers

In the process of writing the project, we faced the fact that many clients needed to transfer applications and directories, and collect data on the activities of branches. And to find a solution that satisfies all the conditions failed. Come to the idea of ​​writing yourself. What means do you use, considering the indicated conditions (all or any combination of them)? 1. Servers are removed for a long distance (different cities) 2. Unstable / narrow Internet channel (for example, communi... Read more

Sphinx: search only by sql_attr_multi?

And how to search only by filter? those. something like this: $sphinx->SetFilter('tag', array(1,2,3)); $sphinx->Query('*', '*'); Read more

How to get rid of duplicate joines with intersecting ForeignKey in Django?

Noticed such a nasty thing. Suppose there is a model that is connected by two others with the same ForeignKey. class File(models.Model):<br/> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;#some stuff<br/> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;pass<br/> <br/> class ServerFile(models.Model):<br/> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>file = models.ForeignKey('File')</b><br/> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;#some stuff<br/> <br/&... Read more

Organization of storage category structure in a relational database?

The task is to organize the storage of a certain catalog with a sufficiently branched structure (tree) - let it be the product catalog of the online store. Only the URI of the form "/ category / subcategory / another-category / and-one-more-category" is available for searching for an item. Maximum nesting order 10. Categories are requested frequently, change rarely, the total number of categories may be about 100 thousand. It also requires nimble generation of bread crumbs. And the link to... Read more

Database server under Windows Mobile / Android

How to be if you want to write a shell to work with a 1.5GB database without using Internet for Windows Mobile / Android? Maybe there are SQL-like solutions for these platforms? Read more

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