How to set your autoincrement primary key in AppEngine / Python?

There is, say, a class of an article, copies of which are stored in Google’s date of storage. And I want to give her a link: [a href = & quot; / article / {{article.uid}} & quot; ] To get this type: [a href = & quot; / article / 55 & quot; ] Google has its own UUIDs, but it hurts to be part of the URL: ahBzb3ZpZXRncm9vdmVibG9ncg0LEgdBcnRpY2xlGAgM. Read more

The organizer of affairs?

I can’t find an organizer in any way (task scheduler / calendar / notes storage) that would suit me 100%. The closest thing to my ideal organizer is the google calendar with synchronization with a mobile phone (syncML), not only link, but also tasks (google task) and notes (google notebook). In other words, you need an organizer who can do the following (sorted in order of importance) Free can synchronize contacts, tasks, meetings and notes by using syncML Web interface (you can log in f... Read more

Gmail for the site (Google Apps) sends spam. How to fight?

Suddenly, letters of the type Mail Delivery System with a Sender field of the form ***@my.site.net fell into the mailbox The site has Gmail from Google Apps, a free package. In the list of existing mailboxes @ mysayt.net mailboxes of the form *** I do not observe. Passwords for all existing mail users @ mysite.net changed. I do not observe the result. Tell me where to look, what actions to take? Thank! Read more

Intermediaries for withdrawing money from an application in & quot; My World & quot;

At the moment, to connect billing to an application in “my world”, you need to have a legal entity. face. In an interview, an employee of the "mail" said that they might soon introduce payments for physical. individuals. But so far there is no such thing. Accordingly, the question. Are there any intermediary companies that are ready to take on red tape for withdrawal, cash withdrawal, etc.? At the moment we have an application for “VK”, which was adapted to “My World”, but we have no... Read more

Is the statement fair: Is the mail on your domain tied to Google apps less vulnerable than yandex, mail / etc?

Tormented question. I think it is more closed from hacking. Because to hack mail, you must first take the domain. But I would like to hear the opinion of the pros. Read more

road to St. Petersburg for the Chrome Apps Developer Contest

Tell me plz which train station arrives from Minsk And then you need to look for where to spend the night. Read more

What are some ways to explore Google Apps and various APIs in depth?

Interested in blogs, books, seminars, conferences. Most of what I found on the web are presentations of the most basic level or a copy-paste of official news. There is a good book "link", but also relative to the base level. Have a google help. There is a blog www.googleapps.ru In November there will be Google Developer Day. I would like high-quality information about various services and APIs, their interaction, areas of application, best of all in the form of full-time study with... Read more

Differences Django in App Engine and on your own server

Tell me, what are the differences between implementing django as a standalone product and django in a google app engine? I understand that in the app engine I have limitations that are indicated in the “Big Table”, that there is my own rather truncated version of the databases (by the way than the trimmed?), And what restrictions on using django are still imposed in the app engine? Help to understand everything in as much detail as possible. What is there in django which is not in django for the... Read more

Adding SRV records to godaddy.com

I want to configure on Google apps link. To do this, add a few srv records. In the Google help, the following lines are shown:  link And on godaddy you need to fill out the form:  link Question: how to match an entry from google help with fields in the form of godaddy? Read more

Google Reader for Google Apps - Google has promised, but how to turn it on?

November 19, Google wrote that Google Reader is now available to our Google Apps .... I’ve been searching the menu for a long time, but I haven’t found where to enable the google reader for my domain with google apps. Logging into the reader with my apps account also did not work. Maybe someone knows how to do this? Read more

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