Is there a master password in Google Chrome?

This refers to the ability to “protect personal information, such as stored passwords and certificates, by encrypting them using a master password” - as in Firefox. And if this opportunity is missing - then why is such an obvious (I think) thing not implemented? Google-chrome Read more

Advise content management system for Rails 3

I need to embed CRUD pages with text into the project, so that the administrator can edit them, insert an image, and so on. Something low-level is desirable so that it is well integrated into the project. While looking at Refinery, but can there be other good ones? Needed for Rails 3. Read more

Advise good books on Python'u focused on web development

Php tired, I want a new one. Decided to take up the study of python. Advise good books (not for teapots :). English or Russian - anyway. Armed with a python I want to go to the study of Google App Engine - for it, too, I would like to read something interesting. Read more

How to protect a database with critical data from the arbitrariness of slow queries?

Situation: there is a combat server, on it there is a web server and MySQL. First of all, PHP scripts running under Apache on this server interact with the muscle, and secondly, remote users via TCP. They work with the same base. However, the performance of the “local apache plus muskl” bundle is critical, and “remote users plus muskl” is not. A “deleted” user starts a clumsy query — for example, a REGEXP select for a non-indexed column of 20 million rows. At the same time, within 3-5 minutes... Read more

Advise a book on JavaScript

Advise a paper book on javascript for in-depth study for a non-beginner (a programmer with experience in other languages). I ordered the book "Javascript Detailed Guide" by David Macfarland - there was water about jquery. There were alternatives in which everything was greatly simplified (ala for dummies). I would like the book to highlight such moments as variable types in js, concept prototype inheritance callbacks working with DOM, regular expressions. And fewer examples on ... Read more

How to increase the size of badges in chrome?

In the dev-build of chrome 7.0.503, the size of the badges decreased and became difficult to read: Is it possible to return the same size or is it a bug? Read more

How to patch a multiline text in regexpom in python?

How to patch the text from the file in regexpom in python? not limited to \ r \ n. Read more

Advise a good paid prog to keep customers

For the sales department need a good software. While we are looking at SalesExpert, I would like to know about alternatives. Read more

The difference between WiMax and WiFi antennas

What is the difference between WiMax and WiFi antennas? Can I use a WiFi antenna for a WiMax client device? Read more

KeePass: autodial by the URL of the page in Opera?

Moving from Password Commander to KeePass, and there was an autodial problem. The PC determined the URL of the page entirely or by mask and selected the necessary entry for the autodial, and KeePass can determine only by the title of the active window. For IE and Firefox, there are some crutches, but I mostly use Opera. Found a temporary solution: the custom JS appends its URL to the title page. But the option is not very, because you need to wait until this JS works, and to have 3 different ... Read more

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