How reliable is DRDB?

What are the restrictions on its use? What is the speed of its work compared to a local disk? Is this an acceptable replacement for expensive SAN-based solutions for an average project size (data less than a terabyte)? Read more

What is this cluster system?

In the process of searching for a replacement for the cluster, I stumbled somewhere on a cluster system, the architecture of which seemed to fit my requirements. I thought to go back and look in more detail, but then I was lost and I can’t find / remember what the matter is. Feature: When requested (possibly for writing), the MetaServer (-a) decides which of the replica servers becomes the master for this file. On other servers, this file becomes read only. After recording, this is the serve... Read more

Servers in different DC of different providers - how to implement?

Good day to all. Actually there is a task - to divide the current server into three absolute copies, thus ensuring independence from one hosting provider. What can you advise as a solution to this problem? The option with nginx balancing is understandable, but you still need to keep a copy of all the files on remote servers. And it happens that among the files - video weighing ~ 35-50 MB. The solution that seems to me is cluster FS. But I'm not sure what I think in the right directio... Read more

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