Can I change the error page to my own in Google Chrome?

Ie change the page "the browser failed to connect to the node, try the following" and the like on your own? And how to do it? The short run on Google and in the sources of Chromium did not bring any answer or hint. Has anyone set such a goal? Read more

Is it possible to transfer the status bar in chrome to the address bar?

I’m trying to switch to chrome, but I can’t find an extension that would put the address of the link under the cursor in the address bar. Sort of a fission for ff And the extension that turns parts of the address between slashes into links is also desperately and unsuccessfully looking for. Sort of like locationbar² for FF Read more

Is there a plugin in FF for working with Google.Chrome bookmarks (those stored in Google.Docs)?

In general, everything is clear from the topic, I will explain only why I use them, and not xmarks or Google.Bookmarks (this is another bookmarking mechanism for Google.Toolbar). It’s much easier for me to work with bookmarks saved in documents, for example, as far as I remember, they can be shared. I did so for myself a very convenient wishlist. Read more

How to install a java-plugin for Google Chrome under Ubuntu - the test page is pleased with the proud "Missing Plug-in". JRE is installed, the Internet is googled on "chrome plugin java". Read more

Custom drop-down lists (select box) in Chrome and Opera

My task is to make custom selets for the site. The solution should be maximally universal, as the engines are quite cumbersome (moodle), and it’s simply unrealistic to check the performance of the solution on all possible pages of the project. Most ready-made solutions greatly change the initial layout of the element and most of them are suitable only for one select on the page, and in a moodle there can be up to 5. Immediately wrote this option:  //jquery $("select").wrap('<spa... Read more

Is there an extension for Chrome

Is there one that stretches the left column in Gmail to the width I need? Read more

Opening a new tab when searching in Chromium? And on the little things

I just realized what else I really lack in Chromium (6.0.472.53 (57914) Ubuntu 10.04) - automatic opening of a new tab when searching. In Fiefox, this behavior was configured in about: config (as I understood, there are no analogs of it either :() or TMP plug-ins. Can I somehow be configured to not open a new tab when typing url, but open it when searching? < br /> Well and two more questions after, which are implemented by the same TabMix Plus in Fx: Setting the opening of a new tab (Ctrl ... Read more

Consequences of installing Chromius on a USB flash drive

In the summer I decided to try Chrome OS, link Transcend 4Gb JF V60. I did everything as it should, with the help of the utility I recorded the image on the USB flash drive, after I rebooted it. But the download failed, the error was somehow. I do not remember what is there. After decided to format the USB flash drive - formatted. And that's all. She's gone. On other computers, it works fine, but it doesn’t see Acer eMachines e625 on my laptop. I am waiting for advice, because the semest... Read more

Chrome OS on flash (not everything is so simple)

I saw a lot of instructions on how to install this miracle on your pen drive, but did not find information on chrome registration in GRUB4DOS. The fact is that I have a hornbeam on the flash drive and a lot of different useful distributors ... I tried to blur the image of chrome - when I downloaded the “unknown image format”. I tried to open it with UltraISO - an unknown format ... What is this miracle image, and can it be crammed onto a USB flash drive along with a hornbeam? Thanks in advance, ... Read more

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