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How not to work overtime?

The question is simply formulated: “How not to work overtime?”, But here, as they say, two in one. The first side of the question. What to do if you, as an employee, got into the team, where it is customary to recycle? For example, in Sberbank, an IT employee who leaves earlier than half past seven may be left without a serious premium and fall into disfavor with his superiors. How to deal with such processing? With that, it is simply impossible for a person to quit (any circumstances). ... Read more

Organization of cables in the cross racks?

Tell me, please, recommendations and standards (if any) on the proper organization of patch cords in switching racks. Now we have about 200 cables in each cross, no one knows cable management, it’s a real hell. Google unfortunately did not suggest anything. Thank you in advance. Read more

Client-server web filter for Windows network

Hello. Faced such a task. There is a network of Windows 7 machines, the network topology as such is absent - all machines access the Internet via a switch. You need to configure web content filtering. Previously, such problems were solved by a Linux gateway with a proxy server. In this case, unfortunately, this is not an option. So I thought, maybe there is a client-server software under Windows to solve this problem. The bottom line is that it will not be possible to start traffic through o... Read more

Advise good and, preferably, free backup software for win

I just can’t find good software for automatically creating backup copies of folders and files. (Preferred with incremental save option) I just want an automatic tool - in order not to interrupt all tasks, displaying an error like a file is busy to skip / interrupt (at 3 o'clock in the deaf server, no one will read this error anyway, I don’t understand what it is for, but in many ways there is software) Of course, it is desirable to open source, under the GPL ... but this is just a wish. ... Read more

Update means by chef?

Formerly, I used capistrano to roll out new releases of the application, but now we have 10 production servers, and due to the nature of the service, new ones need to be added regularly. In order to save myself time for the future, I decided to spend a couple of days automating the process of connecting the node to the system. As soon as I started writing a script for capistrano, a note about chef appeared on the habr. It always happens like this! I read the note, studied the documentation,... Read more

Sending letters through exim4 to a domain equal to the hostname, if the mx entry points to another host

There is a website on the VDS, indicates it $ hostname $ host has address 92.243.84.xx mail is handled by 10 $ host has address 62.165.37.xx It is a mailer exim4. When sending letters from the site (php mail ()) to this domain, the letters do not reach. $ php -r "var_dump(mail('[email protected]', 'text mail', 'test'));" bool(true) $ sudo grep [email protected] /v... Read more

Access to the local web server on the same links from LAN and the Internet?

There is a local network of a dozen computers. On one of them on the 3000 port hangs the web interface bugtracker. It opens beautifully at 3000. The DLINK ADSL modem with a static IP is used as a method of accessing the Internet on the network. Forwarding port 3000 to computer is configured on it - the required service is also available from the Internet at link: 3000. But here's the problem: when one user gives another link to the bugtracker — he never knows wher... Read more

Monitoring System: RRDtool VS Zabbix?

What is better to use to consolidate statistics from several dozen servers: RRDtool or Zabbix? Arguments are very welcome! :) Read more

Remote Desktop Connection

Good evening! There is a server with Windows Server 2008 on board, it is located in the organization’s local network and does not have an external ip. Can I connect to a remote desktop from the outside without setting a permanent static ip? I suppose dynamic dns will help me? However, since I will connect only to the router, which distributes the Internet in the organization, and what to do next? Or maybe I need a VPN? Help, pozh-hundred, I am somehow confused :) Read more

Unix administration books?

Hello! Recently I have been interested in administering Unix OS, in particular Debian, FreeBSD. Accordingly, there is a need for good books. At the moment, I have only the “Linux Administrator's Guide” (Evi Nemeth) and “Unix in the Original” (Yuri Magda). Excellent books, but still I feel the need for something else, no less professional. The most interesting is the administration of networks, work with protocols, firewalls, proxy servers, etc. What can advise the habrasoobschestvo? Read more

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