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How not to work overtime?

The question is simply formulated: “How not to work overtime?”, But here, as they say, two in one. The first side of the question. What to do if you, as an employee, got into the team, where it is customary to recycle? For example, in Sberbank, an IT employee who leaves earlier than half past seven may be left without a serious premium and fall into disfavor with his superiors. How to deal with such processing? With that, it is simply impossible for a person to quit (any circumstances). ... Read more

Open-source time-tracker like oDesk

Are there open-time time-trackers similar in functionality to tracker from oDesk? Those. time tracking in real time, setting tasks, grouping all the results on the server. Screenshots would be a plus. Such a thing would be useful to many distributed teams. Read more

Time Sheet

Due to the fact that very often you have to involve outside people who are often in another city or even in another country, it is very difficult to control them. Therefore, I would like to make an online system for recording the time spent by an employee on a particular project. After that, the program should automatically calculate the salary at the rate (for example, 1 hour = $ 20). But there is one thing! READY online service is required, it does not matter whether it is Russian or forei... Read more

How to make a Ping indicating the time of sending / receiving a package?

You need to get a line like:  Обмен пакетами с по с 32 байтами данных: [09:54:01] Ответ от число байт=32 время<1мс TTL=64 [09:54:02] Ответ от число байт=32 время<1мс TTL=64 ... plus, it is advisable to write it to the log. Solutions need 2, for Windows and Linux. What is not proposed below is a mockery:  time /t >> 1.txt & ping -n 1 xxx.yyy.zzz.www >> 1.txt \ UPD: Appeared solution for Windows and for Linux. Read more

Determination of the time difference between geographic points?

Maybe someone has already solved such a problem? It is known: the exact time and date in one of the points, the exact geographical coordinates, the time offset relative to GMT (not to be confused with the time zone), the English name of the nearest large city is 300k + population. It is necessary to determine the exact time at the second point. It is not known: is there a transition to winter / summer time at the points, and if so, when it is. The points around the ball are scattered, ab... Read more

An online resource for time management (according to David Allen's method)

He began to read David Allen's book “How to put things in order”. I read the first 100 pages, I really liked it. But when I read for “incoming baskets” and reminders, the question arose, is there already any product that was implemented based on its methods? I would like to know and start using. Of course, you can start using pivotaltraker with a google calendar (or any other combination of software to solve these problems), but I would like to find a site that implemented David’s techniques as ... Read more

Timeline chart?

I am looking for a softphone that can draw something like Gant diagrams. There are processes, each of which has a group, name, start time and end time (from several seconds to several hours, within 24 hours). It is necessary to present them in the diagram. grouped by groups. the word “time” means hours-minutes, not days / weeks / years, as is usually the case for Gantt charts Read more

A program for cataloging documents

I'm going to scan all the papers and documents (payments, contracts, etc.) for more convenience.  Tell me, please, a program or an idea of ​​how to store scanned copies so that you can easily search by tags, categories or description, and you can easily find a physical copy of each document. SAAS and other modern technologies are welcome. Read more

Backup of the deceased hard drive?

Died hard drive, trying to make an image of the banal dd. When hard stumbles upon a bad piece of disk, the program that addressed it hangs for 15 seconds, after which it returns i / o error. During these 15 seconds, the disc produces repetitive uncharacteristic sounds. Question: how to reduce this period of time? Say, if a block is not read in a second, go to the next block. And then the process reaches the place where everything is bad, and then it works at a speed of 1 Mb / s or less. OS... Read more

Looking for a web calendar with the possibility of planning events for the year?

Unfortunately, all the calendars that I tried, you can view only the next month (Google Calendar has a Year View, but you cannot add events from it). And there will be a better opportunity to allocate periods. Read more

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