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Books and materials on InDesign

Advise a book / books or materials on the web on Adobe InDesign (ideally, of course, in Russian), preferably in terms of prototyping and drawing site layouts? Or any information to move from Photoshop to InDesign when developing site layouts. Read more

Are there any good and complete manuals on HTML5 and CSS3 in Russian?

If there is little or no, but much better English speakers are known, it would be good to learn about them. One requirement: the material must devote the person to all relevant aspects of HTML5 and CSS3 "from scratch". Read more

What software for security testing is optimal in terms of price / performance ratio?

Perhaps you are already using some tool to test the security of web applications and can recommend it? Read more

BBCode parsing methods?

Prompt, what else there are methods of parsing except regular expressions. Regulars, as you know, are not intended for parsing nested constructs. If there is an implementation - please poke. Read more

What system of control over work and bugs to choose?

I and my partners often work as freelancers to create small sites. After the development period, a testing period follows, and then the site is transferred to the “combat” server. But even after the full launch of the site, sometimes bugs are found and / or the client wants some new feature. I would like to organize a web-interface, where the client could look at how many percent we completed the feature requested by him and / or could add a bug to the bug list for us to fix. Which CMS is suitab... Read more

Plugin Comments from Facebook

added this plugin to the site according to link instructions. finally, on pages mysite.ua/page.php?load=xxxx and mysite.ua/page.php?load=yyyy, one and the same page. What to change in the script or in the application to understand dynamic pages? Read more

Problem when working with TwitterAPI?

When requested using twitter-async $ twitterObj- & gt; get_search (array ('q' = & gt; '#Kharkov')); User ID (from_user_id) in the answer is some kind of trash. For example, for the user leshchinsky writes from_user_id: 94764048b although, in fact, on request api.twitter.com/1/users/show.json?screen_name=lesh... - id: 111401916. What could be the problem here? Read more

Comments on topic links

I noticed that often comments on topic links were left by people who did not bother to read the article on the proposed link, often starting to make fundamentally wrong assumptions on a brief announcement. Often, quite large discussions flare up in the comments, the participants of which do not even imagine that only one click separates them from the answer. While, having read the proposed article, usually there are no questions left. In order not to be unfounded, look at the comments on the r... Read more

AJAX request in jQuery. How to get rid of the header Access-Control-Request-Headers?

Hello. It is necessary with the help of javascript'a extract data from the xml file generated on the remote server. All I could think of was to make an ajax request to the xml file. But jQuery instead of a GET request sends an OPTIONS request. It turned out that this request is sent by Firefox in the case of cross-domain request, when non-standard headers are sent. In the case of jQuery, it seems: Access-Control-Request-Headers: x-requested-with How to get rid of this headline? Or mayb... Read more

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