Laptop stopped loading Linux from a flash drive after updating the BIOS?

Prehistory. On the newly purchased ThinkPad x100e, the Archlinux installer, the sections with vin7 and recovery were formatted. Later, a recovery disk image for the S12 netbook was found on the network, according to the owner’s assurances, suitable for my model. A boot flash drive was created and the seven safely returned to their place. What happened next. I updated the BIOS on the laptop to the current version with the proprietary utility, and then decided to install ubuntu. According to th... Read more

How to disable the touchpad in the ThinkPad X100E?

My ThinkPad model has a very unpleasant feature - the buttons under the touchpad stick out so that, while lying around with a laptop on the couch, you constantly press them with the folds of clothes or just the belly. I don’t need the touchpad at all, the Trackpoint is much more convenient, but I can’t turn it off under Ubuntu. In Windows, this was normally done through the settings, and in Ubuntu, although you can disable it through System-Settings-Pointing Devices, but after a minute, it turns... Read more

Choosing an operating system for a netbook?

Help, choose an OS on a netbook. Included was a seven - well, it hurts to barely turn it. You can forget about YouTube, even the audio from VKontakte does not play. I decided to stick ubuntu - wi-fi is not supported. And I haven’t found any information about the chipset here (except for the company - atheros). I think that in windows xp there will be the same garbage with firewood. 1. Can I forget about Linux at all? 2. What then set - back seven? p.s. Lenovo S10-3s netbook Read more

ThinkPad t410: reinstall windows 7 32-bit to 64-bit?

I recently purchased a ThinkPad T410 laptop. The pre-installed Windows on it is 32 bit. I want to switch to 64-bit. How can this be done? I read that when you reinstall Windows, you just need to note the 64-bit option. I have a whole hard disk partition called Lenovo_Recovery in my laptop, which when pressed, suggests to make Recovery Media. If you do this, then I think you get an installation disk 7-ki with all sorts of Lenovskimi buns. And when installing from this disk, you can choose 64 bit ... Read more

Video card lost after expanding RAM?

A Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14 laptop (NVP3WRT) is available, which has 2 gigabytes of RAM (Hynix DDR3 PC-8500) on board. Due to the lack of memory, I decided to purchase another bar (Samsung DDR3 PC-10600). I came home, set, turn on the computer - the resolution is 640x480. A little later, it turned out that the video card (Mobility Radeon HD 5145) just disappeared from the equipment manager - the “Video adapters” section is not at all, the HDMI-audio output also disappeared. Winda writes: "Memory: ... Read more

Lenovo ThinkPad X120e - when on sale?

On link and on a pile of news sites it is written: "It will go on sale in February at a price of less than $ 400." Since then, nothing has been heard about him. Does anyone know about the fate of this model? Read more

Flat cable for thinkpad sl500 touchpad?

When disassembling the lenovo thinkpad sl500, the cable from the motherboard to the touchpad was torn. Where can I buy it? (Until Sunday there is an opportunity to buy in Moscow) At the same time, the trackpoint stopped working (pointpad, red pimp). In principle, it would be enough, even without a touchpad, advise how you can fix it? Read more

Where in St. Petersburg to buy a laptop or e-book?

It happened so that in Belarus there was suddenly some economic, if not a crisis, then a pit for sure. In this regard, not quite adequate prices have become somewhat less adequate. It is possible to buy electronics in St. Petersburg, but I do not know of any sensible store there. Help links, please. From iron look at: 1) Nook color 2) Lenovo thinkpad edge 11 Read more

Choose a laptop?

Hello! Need a laptop in the range of $ 1000. Will be ordering from ebay. 1) I really want to have a matte screen 2) I want the whole laptop to be matte 3) Not more than 14 inches 4) On Sandy Bridge 5) Good Linux support is very desirable (for example, on all acer problems with coolers) Discrete graphics to the bulb. For now, this is what I looked at: Lenovo ThinkPad T420 - up to 1600x900 14 ”matte The model will most likely be taken with i5 2410m, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD. ~ $ ... Read more

Does the Lenovo ThinkPad L520 BIOS have an option for exchanging Fn / Ctrl keys?

It seems like back in 2009, Lenovo promised to make a similar option. Found news that some new models did. But specifically about the L520 is not found. If anyone has a L520 at hand, look, please. Read more

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