Are there any good and complete manuals on HTML5 and CSS3 in Russian?

If there is little or no, but much better English speakers are known, it would be good to learn about them. One requirement: the material must devote the person to all relevant aspects of HTML5 and CSS3 "from scratch". Read more

Qt and Symbian S60

Actually, good documentation, books, and just havushki on sabzh are interested. First of all, everything related to working with sound. I would be very grateful to everyone for their help;) Read more

Where to read about SNMP and so without water?

Where to read about SNMP and so without water? Language Russian or English. Maximum concise guide with examples. Read more

Where to find the getElementById job standard?

In general, the question is simple. Why, when adding 2 elements with one id to a document, is the first element taken, not the second one? PS I understand that it’s necessary to tear off your hands, but still ... <font color="black"><font color="#0000ff">&lt;</font><font color="#800000">html</font><font color="#0000ff">&gt;</font><br/> <font color="#0000ff">&lt;</font><font color="#800000">head</font><fo... Read more

Guide on how to properly draw the scheme of complex network systems?

I would like to learn how to draw correctly (just on a piece of paper for the beginning) schemes of rather complex (not as personal as systemically and qualitatively) networks. With VPNs (despite the fact that the physical link carries no less semantic importance in context), virtual machines (with and without their own real IP) on the same physical server, etc. Give if anyone knows, please, links to good ones articles on this topic. Thanks in advance. Read more

OTRS - processing tickets by e-mail (using the system as a gateway). How to setup?

We decided to transfer support for customer calls from the “old-fashioned” method with the mailbox to OTRS. We set and configured OTRS (2.4.8), everything is fine, but there was one small problem. Cute support young ladies, as it turned out, often use off-line processing mode - download letters, disconnect from the network, write answers, and then send them in a pack. How to make OTRS work in this mode is not clear. The scheme of work in the end need something like this: 1) Customer... Read more

Introduction to Linux

Recently, I actively use Linux (ubuntu). I sit, I am glad, a great system, I like everything in principle. I do the basic things (Internet, some web coding, work with documents, music, video, etc.). Without any problems, I install and update programs, update the system, launch some programs that I need (it’s a pity that not everyone starts), and today I spend the whole day on launching some games. Of course, I use different manuals as a reference (somewhere from the forum posts, somewhere th... Read more

document / data management system? Or where to store documents?

Initial data: Subject: software development. There are product managers (hereinafter PM). Each PM is responsible for a certain number of products. Only one PM is responsible for each product. Each product has a certain amount of information: prototype (html, pdf, anything else), specification (doc, pdf), diagrams (visio, powerdesigner, etc.), installation instructions (ppt, pdf, doc), use (ppt, pdf, doc). Problem: Now all the information on each product lies anywhere. There is no one p... Read more

Baltic Bank: working in Linux?

Hello everyone. It's not entirely clear how with a karma less than 5 to publish any articles and blogs, even drafts, therefore UPD: Thank you all for karma, transferring from q & amp; a to somewhere not supported, added tags, I think that who will need - will find. I decided to roll mini-howto for sabzh here, maybe it will be useful to someone. So: 1. Download link client BB; 2. Install using wine ($ wine Cli312_Fiz.exe); 3. Register the paths to our keys (either after installation, or ... Read more

XML / XSLT literature

Good evening. I am looking for a subject, preferably (but not necessarily) in Russian, with the touched topic of composing a DTD. Thank you in advance. Read more

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