Advise books on the basics of UI

Lord, advise the literature on the basic concepts of creating user interfaces. It is possible both in Russian and in English. Read more

How to sort letters in GMail by the amount of attachments?

Hi. I have a problem: the GMail box runs out of space (yes, I managed to use all 7.5 GB). Tell me how to sort letters in the GMail web interface by date and volume of attachments in order to erase the oldest and largest ones? I tried to solve the problem using IMAP and Opera Mail, but the volume of attachments is not visible until the letter is viewed. And in general, I would like to solve the problem without a separate email client. Read more

What would you improve or change in the Habrahabr interface?

I would like in this question to collect answers from users who wish to make any changes to the Habrahabr interface. Various small changes and improvements are welcome. You do not need to add comments like "make already Habrahabr fixed to 800 pixels" or "repaint all links in orange color". The conversation is about those small things in the interface, the eye for which you most often cling. Maybe you would really like to change or add something: small changes in the display of comments, ... Read more

Program for interface design - strong net export capabilities

I’m digging an interface design program for this task: 1) make a product card template 2) translate it into a format that can be parsed 3) using the script, the created template will be removed and automatically filled into the admin panel With 1 no problem. the template can do everything and everything is fine. But here is the export, so that you can otpars out normally somehow tightly. While quite tightly picked link. Everything fits - I make a great template. With the help... Read more

How to start implementing an Internet project?

How to find a couple of people (talented enthusiastic psychos who want to realize themselves in a potentially successful web project) who know programming and user interface design to develop a web service that will be in demand by a solvent and sufficiently extensive part of active Internet users and Westerners), if I am one of the representatives of this audience, who discovered the lack of this service and conceptualized it, but does not know how to proceed with the implementation? How to o... Read more

Enlarge the system font in Windows

Good day! Tell me how to increase the font size in the dialogs of Windows? Most of the fonts are configured in the "Display Properties" --- & gt; "Design", but there is no access to the default system fonts (Sans Serif and Tahoma). Font substitution is available in MS Shell Dlg keys of the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ FontSubstitutes section, but where is the size specified? 8 points by default - extremely small for my native monitor resolution. Who c... Read more

Organization of work with e-mail

I have a domain, hosting with mail. I want: from any computer to see both incoming and sent messages. The first ones are visible with the help of any web interface, and how to make the messages sent from the email client go to the Sent Items folder on the server, i.e. so that I can see the letters sent from any machine? It’s not ready to go completely to the web interface, because I often work offline, and I have to keep the correspondence in front of my eyes. If gmail or i.mail these ... Read more

How to switch old YouTube videos to a new interface?

For quite a long time, a new player interface appeared on YouTube. When you use embed on newly added videos, they have a new interface. The question is whether it is possible somehow to embed old videos so that they have a new player interface Read more

Cocoa touch Plugins for Interface Builder

Did anyone have experience creating a cocoa tocuh plug-in for IB? There is no standard project for this plugin in XCode4.preview5 ... there is also documentation on this topic. What techniques exist for customizing a custom control into at least a kind of “component” for convenient use in other projects? Read more

Screenshots of QIWI device interface

Sabu. We need screenshots of some sections of the device, exactly the kind that stands on the streets (Moscow), and not LC. If my memory serves me, there was somewhere a link to the flash which fully corresponded to the current interface of the device, but unfortunately could not find it. Can you have someone, or something else advise? Read more

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