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Search Engines have indexed the link with the port - What is the best way to prevent port indexing?

Hello colleagues! Decided to protest new service habr a difficult question, most likely, to experts on SEO. In general, there is a website, and there is also a port for testing new items - 8808. So the problem is that Yandex and Google indexed several pages like instead of and these pages are in the top your requests. Is there a way to somehow prohibit port indexation and preferably without a significant loss in the issue? Read more

Bulletin Board. Visitors see the main version for their region. Search engines - version for all of Russia?

Suppose we create a bulletin board. Let it be on mobile phones. It is clear that with high accuracy to determine from which city the visitor is not difficult. It will be pleasant for the visitor to see on the main \ on the page where his redirect offers for buying \ selling exactly in his city. But the Yandex robot should not think that we are Moscow bulletin board. (In the case of determining the city by IP, this version will have to be shown to him). Let them think all-Russian. I d... Read more

The impact of the choice of CMS on the ranking?

Hello everyone! We have a question in our studio that I would like to receive an answer, and just to hear your opinion on the basis of experience. Does the choice of content management system affect the ranking of the site by search engines? In particular, Yandex is interested. There is an opinion that websites made on free CMS are worse in terms of ranking compared to commercial ones: on Wordpress, satellites and websites are often in a hurry, and on Bitrix (for example) more serious websit... Read more

Is CSS indexed by search engines?

Actually, everything is in the title. Read more

TIC from topics on Habrahabr?

How effective are the Habrahabr threads with links to the promoted IT resource? Do they add a resource TIC? After all, Yandex ignores many sites where content is generated by users, and not by the webmaster. Read more

Do microformats affect the position of the site in issuing Yandex?

The question is not idle and arose in connection with the alleged desire of Yandex to give the user sites with the most complete information on request, and if possible give it directly to the issue. And microformats just work for the user, that is, they allow at least to give an informative snippet in the output. In theory, this is a very positive ranking factor. In addition, it is possible that the presence of microformats makes it possible to consider the layout as a whole more qualitativ... Read more

How to programmatically determine the uniqueness of the text in search engines?

I wonder how services like copyscape, determine the uniqueness of the text? Read more

Is the content of an object and its data separated by its hierarchy?

Sounds probably not entirely clear, so I will explain: Suppose we have a comment tree (Nested Sets or something else, in principle, it does not matter). Should I put the fields that are not directly related to the comments (lft, rgt, parent_id, etc.) in a separate database table? On the one hand, we get rid of binding to a specific comment structure (you can always change NS to MP or something else), and on the other, there are difficulties with combining these tables. Read more

When is the best way to publish topics on Habré in order to reach the maximum audience?

It seems to me that one of the main goals of any post is to read as many people as possible. It is clear that the content of the post plays a decisive role, but I think that, other things being equal, the time of publication can greatly affect the number of views. In this regard, the question is when (on what days and at what time) is it better to publish a topic on a habr to achieve this goal? Read more

Advise a good SEO.

Please, advise a good SEO who can help with promoting a startup. There are a lot of hacks on freelance sites ... Already a few have taken an order and are missing. Read more

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