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Dependence of the speed of the server on the number of files in the folder

Guru * nix systems, tell me how the speed of the site depends on the number of files in folders? I have a website with 10K images in one folder and this number is growing rapidly. Is it worth thinking about sharing image storage? Read more

Sites with AJAX and Search Engines

And again the question about Ajax, please tell me :) There is a site that uses Ajax extremely actively. In fact, the PS sees only the Hat and Basement, everything else is generated by Ajax. If before returning the page to make a check - does the visitor work in the JS browser (as I understand it, if the PS comes to the site, the script will show that the JS is not available to him). And for ordinary visitors to give Ajax version, and for browsers with disabled JS (and PS, respectively)... Read more

Why are habravchan profiles closed from indexing?

Example: What is it done for? What is the profit from this? Read more

Online store in Ukraine in what should be the language?

We are going to open a branch in Ukraine, in the form of an online store with our local office. And after a long search on I finally got confused in what language it is better to make a store. My inner mind says that in another country, with your own language, you need to do everything in this language, but as I wrote above, search engines say the opposite is true. Please tell me what is better in terms of public opinion and search engines in general? Are the stores successfu... Read more

The Impact of JavaScript Redirects on Search Bots and Site Indexing?

There are two pages with different url, but the content on them is about the same. On one, JS + ajax is actively used, and the other is adapted for viewing users without JavaScript, and for bots. Initially, the page is loaded for people without JS (which is for bots), then if the user has JS support enabled, then it is redirected by JS to another page (adapted for active use of JS). Is it possible to do this so painlessly for indexing the site and will it not have a negative effect on the ... Read more

Optimization of quick search by keydown

We need to add to the site a quick search by type, like VKontakte. As you type a word, search results will appear in the div under the input field. Search will be on the news (about 15-20 thousand names), too, each news has a small logo. The title will be a link to the news itself. But each time you enter a letter, a query in the database hurts the “expensive” pleasure. How can you optimize this? Of the options so far: 1. To do 1 request to retrieve all the names in the js-varia... Read more

How to measure the speed of loading and “executing” pages

Advise any tool that could measure page loading speed (preferably, the time is shown separately for each requested “resource” page, like a picture, javascript or css > ). Ideally, the program would also show the speed of execution of the loaded javascript, i.e. showed when the page is completely “ready.” UPD: here they gave me a whole list of useful tools, and I bring it to you, who can also come in handy.  Page Speed - Open source Firefox / Firebug add-on that gives you suggestions and... Read more

Binding subdomains to regions. Is it possible to?

Connoisseurs of SEO and related things, tell me! The company has a website. The site will post information about the branches, for each region - its own subdomain of the form: Moreover, on this page in fact there will be only contact details and a map. All content remains on the main domain. Is it possible to make Yandex consider each subdomain a regional site? All the fuss to ensure that in the regional issue of this page showed above. Is it real... Read more

Does the function & quot; report for spam & quot; in twitter? How much need & quot; report & quot; - what would the spammer account be blocked?

Hello! It's not a secret that millions of spammers, SEO followers live in twitter. And this, of course, to some extent annoying. For it does not make it clear how many real people read you. Therefore, spammers always try to reap "report for spam". But the question arose: Does this function work? And how many “report” do you need - to block the spammer’s account? Read more

Question to SEO. Full Ajax, graceful degradation + & quot; # links & quot ;?

In general, the essence of the question is this: There is a project that works completely on Ajax, but works without problems even when JS is turned off. The URL in the browser's status bar (if there is JS) is different in HTML5 and HTML4 -browsers (in the first one uses History Push State, in the second - changing the page anchor) For indexing by search engines - everything is ok. But if a person logs in, say, from IE9, then for him the URL in the status bar of the browser on the about page ... Read more

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