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pppoe in Ubuntu 10.10

Hello, set yourself an ubuntu, set up the Internet via pppoeconf, everything worked fine, but after a while the Internet began to lag terribly (pages in the browser open for 3 - 5 minutes, if they open at all). I rummaged through the Internet, I did not find a cure. I noticed the problem for the first time at 10.04, updated to 10.10 - nothing has changed. If someone had something similar - write how you decided, well, or just feel sympathetic below;) Read more

Set the traffic priority on the wi-fi router

We play a quake at work at the end of the working day, and the torrent is swinging at the boss. Is it possible to set the priority wi-fi lan more than the torrent? Asus DSL-N13 modem with a standard interface, inside did not find such a config. Read more

Problems with the AVAYA IP phone connected via the DI-604. The phone works only if the DMZ is configured. Port forwarding does not accept

Actually a subject. Why can this be? the phone is stupid in every sense (only one phone can be hung on 1 external IP), model 1603 works as written in the instructions on ports 1719 and 1720 - forwarding them does not help - NAPT error Why can this be? In the router, plugging and port forwarding does not work correctly, or does the phone with forwarding not work, only with the DMZ? or maybe some port other than this is used that was not reported? Then how to find out? DMZ is not suita... Read more

Webcam operation with routers

Did anyone try to connect a webcam to the router? Share your experience. At my place I would like to connect the camera to the USB port of the router and receive video via Wi-Fi. I am considering two models: D-Link DIR-825 and Asus RT-N16, how are things with them in this regard, do native firmware have such an opportunity? Read more

Access to the local web server on the same links from LAN and the Internet?

There is a local network of a dozen computers. On one of them on the 3000 port hangs the web interface bugtracker. It opens beautifully at 3000. The DLINK ADSL modem with a static IP is used as a method of accessing the Internet on the network. Forwarding port 3000 to computer is configured on it - the required service is also available from the Internet at link: 3000. But here's the problem: when one user gives another link to the bugtracker — he never knows wher... Read more

Advise a device that can handle 100Mb / s IPSec VPN

It is necessary to organize a 100 megabit channel (via UA-IX) between offices in different cities. Advise a not very expensive, bug-free device capable of actually pumping 100 megabytes of IPSec VPN without loading your resources by 100%. The budget somewhere up to 2000 cu for each office ... Read more

Routing for Linux, iptables help

Hello. The network ( eth1) has a server that has access to the provider's resources (for example and all of them are through eth0) and the ability to access the Internet via pptp. Connecting via pptp, the ppp0 interface appears. For Internet routing I write:  route -net dev ppp0 The Internet is working, internal resources are pinging. I register masquerading rules on it so that the computers on the internal network can access the Internet throug... Read more

L2TP + GRE over OpenVPN?

Hi. In company A there is a corporate proxy server, there is no direct access to the Internet. There is, of course, a ssh & socks5 tunnel through the aforementioned proxy, well, it obviously does not help here. HTTPS and proxy CONNECT methods are allowed. Task: through this proxy of company A, connect to another corporate VPN of company B. VPN is connected via L2TP & GRE, connection is possible only from corporate laptop of company B, which can be physically connected to comp... Read more

Huawei E1550 and USB 1.1

The situation is as follows: There is an old laptop that does not have USB 2.0, but only USB 1.1. I want to buy a megaphone kit with a Huawei E1550 modem. Whether prompt this modem through USB 1.1 will work? In Google search, I did not find something. Read more

Ubuntu 10.10 bash-script containing the rules for NAT?

Hello. Based on link, I set up in parallel (with balancing) a pair of PPPoE connections with two local providers. The author of the topic offered two scripts: the first to set routes and masquerading (NAT to distribute the Internet to the other local computers), the second to check the connection with pings either over the other interface and, correspondingly, (re) setting the gateways (depending on the passage Ping includes the gateway of the first provider, the second or both at once wit... Read more

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