PCI-Express 1.0 x16 vs. PCI-Express 2.0 x16 - is there a tangible difference?

We all know that the difference in the speed of transmission over the pci-express bus has doubled, but a number of issues are related: 1) Are all the bus capabilities used by modern video cards or will there be no visible difference if you insert, for example, GeForce GTX460 in PCIe 1.0 and 2.0? 2) How to check the exact throughput? I found the PCIe Speed ​​Test v0.2, but it only works on ATi video cards 3) Are there any motherboards with honest pci-express 2.1 or is there no difference be... Read more

Erlang and Scala

Recently studied Scala, became interested in Erlang. Having read controversial discussions on the web, I would like to hear from people who have already encountered this dilemma. What did you choose? Why? Maybe someone worked with Akka? Does it make a full-fledged alternative to distributed Erlang nodes? Read more

Python Pattern Matching?

I love writing in Python. I decided, as they say, just for fan, to do something like the simplest Pattern Matching in the style of Erlang in Python (since I recently started working on Erlang and imbued myself)). There is one problem. I don't know how to make it beautiful, so that it is pythonic. ) Did not come up with anything better than something like this: class PFPM(object): def __init__(self, name): self._name = name self._clauses = [] self._cur = 0 ... Read more

What to write about the demon

There is a need to write a demon that will perform various manipulations with databases. Now this is ensured by a cyclical invocation of a php-script from bash, which is somewhat crooked (in the sense that such php tasks are not worth solving). Implement such a task on the pros, IMHO, bust. Anyone advise something. So far, except for Erlang, nothing has occurred to him, but he has dynamic typing, which I would like to avoid. I added Python aspirants to the piggy bank, but again dynamic... Read more

Choosing a DBMS for a web service on Erlang?

Good day! I decided to try a small project that had long been just an idea. To implement chose Erlang. It seemed to me a good fit for comet-like features and relatively easy scalability. The only confusing moment for me is the choice of DBMS. Specificity of the project does not imply any sql perversions, only ordered lists with the possibility of interval selection and simple key-value. As candidates are considered Mnesia, Redis and MySql. I know MySql well, but it is not completely c... Read more

Cross-platform GUI application - what is the best way to write?

Good day! There is a task - to write a cross-platform (Linux, Windows and Mac) GUI-based application that works with a USB device. The application reads certain data from it and sends it to the server. I want the application to look about equally beautiful on all platforms. What language / GUI framework would you recommend? For now, look more towards Java ... Thank you in advance! Read more

Code Editor for Erlang

Is it possible to find a normal editor / IDE code not emacs for Erlang under Debian / Ubuntu? Read more

Where to find a like-minded person?

Not so long ago, an idea appeared on writing some software - a client-server framework in a combination of JavaScript + SockJS + Erlang. Already started to implement parts on the Erlang, but I need help in developing the client library. Maybe I can find a person here. From the "requirements" - the desire to work on the project, the presence of 2-3 hours a day at work. It would be great to find a person from St. Petersburg, but this is not the most important thing. The main thing is a good know... Read more

Как сравнить 2 символа кирилицы?

Здравствуйте Извините за нубский вопрос, т.к. 2-й день взялся посмотреть erlang. Задача в следующем есть строка разбитая на символы и к ней применяется некий алгоритм по замене символов. к примеру func(CHAR)-> case string:equal(CHAR,"о") of true -> "і"; _Else -> CHAR end. т.е. если входной символ — «о» то я хочу его заменить на "і" если нет, то нет. но у меня string:equal — не отрабатывает я думаю из-за кодировок. Только вот теперь не знаю как именно мне их закодить? P.S. Wi... Read more

Functional programming literature for a beginner, who knows this?

Parallel to my work and study, I try to study node.js, and recently I got interested in Erlang. If the node has even less material for a beginner, then I didn’t find anything for Erlang for a complete zero like me. Since it is a functional language, it wasn’t really possible to disassemble anything, except for a superficial understanding of the processes, the supervisor and state preservation. I am a little familiar with object-oriented design, but I did not have to work with functional langua... Read more

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