PCI-Express 1.0 x16 vs. PCI-Express 2.0 x16 - is there a tangible difference?

We all know that the difference in the speed of transmission over the pci-express bus has doubled, but a number of issues are related: 1) Are all the bus capabilities used by modern video cards or will there be no visible difference if you insert, for example, GeForce GTX460 in PCIe 1.0 and 2.0? 2) How to check the exact throughput? I found the PCIe Speed ​​Test v0.2, but it only works on ATi video cards 3) Are there any motherboards with honest pci-express 2.1 or is there no difference be... Read more

Nvidia Geforce GT420?

Hello everyone. I would like to buy an Nvidia Geforce GT420 video card, but as luck would have it they put it only in assembled computers, and they do not sell separately at retail. Anyway, this is how they write on the Nvidia website, and Yandex.Market says that ready-made computers with this card sell the whole sea. Maybe someone knows where to buy this? // Anticipating questions and advice in the spirit of “why it is needed” and “you can buy a more powerful card for the same money,” I an... Read more

Display Configuration Changes Label?

I have a PC being connected to a big TV from time to time playing the role of a media center. On WinXP, after reading the Nvidia Control Panel API pdf, I created this shortcut %windir%\system32\rundll32.exe NvCpl.dll,dtcfg attach 2 You weigh it on WinLirc or just launch it from the desktop - it doesn't matter, the point is that with one click we turn on the TV output. It's a shame that this case did not take on Win7 x86 (apparently another API), but I want to implement it. Well, not ... Read more

FakeRaid Mirror has turned

Now after loading the system sees 4 sections instead of two, and those from which the system is loaded contain old files ... This is a fake raid on the nVidia chip (mother of Asus A8N-SLI) When you try to make a rebuild through BIOS, nothing happens. Read more

GPU Video Converter Mac OS?

Hello Comrades! Tell me, if anyone knows, a video converter that uses a GPU, which at the output can produce an edible format for PSP GO. MacOS version required. Of course, it is desirable Free, but if this does not happen, tell me what it is! Thank! Read more

GPU acceleration linux?

I understand that in order for the graphics accelerator to work in Linux you need to use the X server and the corresponding glx module to it. The video card driver is the essence of the module for X ... What are the ways to get accelerated two-dimensional or three-dimensional graphics if you do not use X? For which cards? (intel, nvidia, ATI) A question from the point of view of the programmer. Read more

Calculations on the GPU?

Hello, is there any single framework for most video cards (from different manufacturers) for parallel computing? I only know CUDA, but it works only with nVidia cards. Read more

Iron for Home Theater

Hello, Hello! I want to collect a quiet (ideally silent) and compact computer that can download / distribute torrents and show full hd videos on my TV (the TV, however, cannot display full hd, but then there will be a new one). In this regard, the question: did anyone collect something like that on NVidia ION or NVidia ION 2? Other platforms? Or amd? I want to ask about processor performance - which processor with low heat would be enough to play full hd video? Read more

Council, valuation of

Hello Need your advice! Such a situation a person (A) took the laptop from another person (B) for an hour, while he worked all the time, A turned off the laptop and put it in a bag, after which he took it to B. B after 10 minutes turns on the laptop, but it turns out that the video card burned out from overheating, because A didn’t turn it off, but put it into standby mode by intuitively pressing the power button. The laptop is 5 years old (samsung r70), it is customized, there was a 512MB ... Read more

GeForce 9800 Doesn't See Philips TV over HDMI?

GeForce 9800 GT, The latest version of the Nvidia Control Panel with of. Site Philips TV 42PFL6705, Windows 7 Maximum x64. HDMI-HDMI cable When the TV is connected via HDMI in the “Screen Resolution” settings, there is no second monitor in Windows. It is not displayed in the Nvidia Control Panel itself. There is no video signal on the TV. Googling, connected SPDIF-wiring from the motherboard to vidyuhi. Actually, nothing has changed. There is also a laptop with HDMI-out. So - eve... Read more

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