PCI-Express 1.0 x16 vs. PCI-Express 2.0 x16 - is there a tangible difference?

We all know that the difference in the speed of transmission over the pci-express bus has doubled, but a number of issues are related: 1) Are all the bus capabilities used by modern video cards or will there be no visible difference if you insert, for example, GeForce GTX460 in PCIe 1.0 and 2.0? 2) How to check the exact throughput? I found the PCIe Speed ​​Test v0.2, but it only works on ATi video cards 3) Are there any motherboards with honest pci-express 2.1 or is there no difference be... Read more

What is the name of the piece of iron?

I didn’t write anything else in the title, I hope the piece of iron would get here. Somewhere you have heard or seen a pci-board with ddr-connectors, which works like a normal railway. Interested in the name of the subject and comparison with ssd, if any. Read more

Has anyone used hdd connected via pci-e with linux installed on them?

Throw the references to the screws and tell how they behaved? Hybrids or net ssd? How's the lifespan? What linux set? Read more

Choosing WI-FI - BLuetooth for a laptop?

Hi Habr! I recently purchased a Dell Vostro 3450. After a month of use, I realized that in principle everything suits me, except for the WI-FI / Bluetooth adapter (Some Atheros half pci are worth it, I don’t remember the brand, the official name is Dell Wireless 1702 802.11 b / g / n, BT3.0 + HS). Strains mostly range, where the average laptop has 2 divisions of coverage, mine just does not catch the network, as well as a maximum speed of 65Mb / s. In this regard, I decided to replace the card... Read more

How can this be?

Six months ago, the built-in sound card broke, bought the usual 6-channel Manhattan pci card. Everything was ok, but the other day Counter Strike wanted to play. I launch - crash, bsod (memory_managment error) and reboot ... I tried different Counter Strike and different games with 3d graphics - bsod. Tested ram - everything is OK. Already thought PPC came video card, chose a new one. And then I remembered that over the past six months I just put this sound card, I didn’t do anything... Read more

PCI-E SATA on Asus RT-N16 router?

I offer a big apology for the misunderstanding, I was half awake and missed so much that I managed to write this question on a blog. Even zaminusoval relatively humane. But the question remains open. There is an Asus RT-N16 router, it has an unsoldered Mini PCI Express port. According to documentation from Broadcom, it is intended for additional wifi. I soldered the controller for SATA under the ExpressCard it is lit with a blue diode, as it should be. The question remains: how to assem... Read more

Backward compatibility of PCI-E 3.0 with old video cards?

I decided to gradually update my old PC, in connection with which the question popped up. I have an old but reliable Gigabyte GeForce 8600GT video card. Iron I want to update in parts: 1. Proc + Mother + Memory 2. SSD 3. Video card If I take mother with PCI-E 3.0 in the first stage of the upgrade, will my video card start on it? I rarely play games (and even then old games), so the performance issue is not worth it for me - the main thing is to make it work. Read more

Muscovites urgently need a day loan or for a reasonable fee vidyuha PCI!

Good evening! I screwed up the BIOS on my r6950, you need to connect from a working video card, there is no embedded video and there is only one pci-e slot. I am looking for in Moscow an old working PCI vidyahu. Ready to drive into any area. Thank you in advance! Read more

Algorithm for polling PCI devices?

Good day! There is a Spartan 3 FPGA connected to the PCI bus. Connection diagram is available. It is necessary to write the firmware for the FPGA, so that when polling the PCI devices of the OS, it would find the FPGA and would require a driver for it (i.e. only configuration transactions are needed). Where to find the algorithm for polling PCI devices? It is desirable with an indication of what conclusion of what level the signal should be, its level, duration. Read more

Does PCI-Express not work?

The bridge was very warm on the motherboard, I decided to change the radiator. Changed. After that, PCI-Express stopped working. There are options to reanimate it? I will tell you I don't know where I screwed up. Read more

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