Habr is becoming popular among spammers, or where did they get my e-mail from?

Just a few minutes ago, it fell into the mail after passing 2 spam filters (Google and internal on the mailer) Read more

Who are

A letter arrived today that did not get into spam. Neighing. The title of the letter: "Warning for mysayt.RU" Text: Hello admin resource link I, the representative of, which is the main registrar of domain names in Ukraine, as well as the general sponsor of the electronic newspaper “Crime of Ukraine” (, declare to you, as the administrator of the domain moisite.RU, that we have compromising materials regarding your online activities! To ensure that your domain m... Read more

Gmail for the site (Google Apps) sends spam. How to fight?

Suddenly, letters of the type Mail Delivery System with a Sender field of the form *** fell into the mailbox The site has Gmail from Google Apps, a free package. In the list of existing mailboxes @ mailboxes of the form *** I do not observe. Passwords for all existing mail users @ changed. I do not observe the result. Tell me where to look, what actions to take? Thank! Read more

Banned ip mail server in gmail?

For youth and inexperience on the smtp server, during the day, the relay was opened without authorization (I can already see how you smile :)). During this time, we were well through and gmail was banned by IP. Letters there simply do not reach. Can someone suggest solutions to this problem besides changing the ip address of the server. Is it possible to talk with Google's support or something else? Thank you in advance. Read more

Spam from beeline (?) On iPhone

Hello. Today I got rid of a little mammoth from 2003 and took an iPhone 2g off the shelf. As soon as I inserted a sim card from a bee, I immediately received a notification: 'Is free! all about what day you can only dream of becomes available at night ' Cancel Accept. This shit didn't come as SMS and I don't even know what. As the incoming call right ... How to get rid of it? How it's called? Is it a beeline? Prior to this, the phone was generally with USA Simka and for a co... Read more

How can a hoster detect spammers among clients?

I need your advice. What software is needed to provide hosting? For now I’ve stopped at: CentOS x64 ISPmanager pro Apache mpm-itk php 5.3 php 5.2 CGI MySQL 5.1 munin - for monitoring iron problems < br /> Interested in your opinion on this list. And I did not find information about the programs that would catch among the clients of mail spammers and those using CURL. Or they didn’t even catch them, but at least they did some monitoring so that I could respond to abuses and local... Read more

Sending a large number of email notifications?

There is some service. Users specify their email when registering, get a password on it At the same email, they receive notifications about important events for them. The volume of letters is growing, in the near future 10-20 thousand messages per day are expected. The question is as follows. How to send letters so that they are almost guaranteed to reach and do not fall into spam? Directly from the IP address of the provider does not work: the addresses in the blacklist do not exist, but the... Read more

Protection against massive & quot; left & quot; calls to mobile phone

The problem is the following: on my mobile phone with a one-minute interval, the ringing is carried out. That is, they call from unknown numbers and are silent on the phone. At first, the problem was solved by adding the operator to the black list (Megaphone), but now the calls continued from the anonymous number and Megafnon can do nothing. How can I get rid of unwanted calls? If anything, I have an iPhone. Maybe there is some software ... Read more

SMS spam from Letualya

Where can I complain about advertising messages that constantly come to my phone from the company Letual? Messages come for some Elena. I never bought anything in the store and never intend to do it. The feedback form on the website for any entered text gives: “Error sending message. Please try again a little later. ” Operators on the phone for some reason ask for my last name, name and patronymic and promise to turn off the service within 10 days. Requested to disconnect 3 times, b... Read more

Spam folder in mail services

How to pick up the spam folder in and other mail services using imap (PHP)? Let's build a small library. Read more

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