Habr is becoming popular among spammers, or where did they get my e-mail from?

Just a few minutes ago, it fell into the mail after passing 2 spam filters (Google and internal on the mailer) Read more

Tell me how to send a newsletter to PHP

There is a list of subscribers for which the letter is formed and sent. What do you recommend using for sending to a large number of subscribers? - not suitable sends a letter very slowly and loads the server. In the letter there are pictures they need to also be sent. Read more

How not to get into spam lists?

Lord, tell me, please, at the expense of the possibility of conducting their own e-mail lists. The situation is such that I send out one letter to all registered users of the service every day, to which they subscribed and confirmed their subscription. Since I am afraid to get into the spam lists, I decided to use specialized services. From the basic requirements for the mailing service, these are open APIs so that I can send personalized messages depending on the preferences of users, s... Read more

Alert friends of the user in social networks?

To better explain the situation I will try to do it with an example. There is a service on the domain, in which the user, in most cases, is authorized only through the social networking API or OpenID identifier, and then creates events, while indicating friends who should be notified about them and the notification method. About sending messages via SMS and E-mail everything is clear, but how to notify the friends of our user so that they are guaranteed to know about the event and t... Read more

Is it true that only users who have left passport information (since January 2011) will be able to send e-mails?

Greetings to all! Yesterday at the conference “Practice of Affiliate Marketing” an OZON employee raised the question that some amendments to the Citizens Code allegedly entered into force in January 2011, according to which you can send emails to your subscribers and the user only if you have their passport details. At first, I did not believe that even such an absurdity is theoretically possible, but later this information was confirmed by other conference participants. I would like... Read more

PHP (BASH): System for organizing mailings

Good day,% username% Who can suggest paid (well, or if there is - free) systems for organizing mailings (NOT SPAM!), Like Interested in a complete system (scripts) for installation on a dedicated server. Climbing a huge number of sites - I can’t find anything more than WEB to Mail servers Read more

Mailing of correspondence

For a new project, it is necessary to promptly send one-time free letters to Russia in the mailboxes of subscribers who subscribe to the service with the data of a specific person. The letter may be a liner or liner and a small investment in the thickness of the sheet. Are there any ready-made solutions for this, or do we need to conclude an agreement with the mail? Judging by the reviews about her work, I would not like to get in touch, and courier delivery for the most part is an expen... Read more

Mailing List Service

People, but tell me a couple of services to send mail to a huge audience of the project. Our mail servers can no longer cope. Yes, and we decided that it is easier to give them under something more necessary) Basic requirements: 1) Emails should not be marked as spam. Those. the service should be able to unsubscribe people upon request, be competently tuned, etc. 2) No advertising service in the letter. 3) Ability to substitute From and Reply-to Read more

Legally send a lot of emails

There is a forum - there are 15,000 registered users with confirmed emails. Users want to regularly receive news via forum mailing. How to send them letters, and not be in the black lists and other troubles? Read more

Mailing letters to users of the site

I want to write a script to automatically send letters to users of the site. Tell me, how is this best done? I know that for the reason link it’s impossible to send it to everyone at once in one letter. What then, send each user a letter separately, i.e. to call the mail function for each user in PHP? Read more

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